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You can't help but to have noticed that we're living in a fast-changing, flexible society these days. No matter the task, technology has improved everything we do. As such, people are now expecting their places of work to be modern and to provide everything they need, in order to demonstrate their particular talents in the work they do.

If you run a workplace in the local area, did you know your office interiors in Mayfair are already being judged by the current generation of young workers?

Why are millennials judging your office interiors in Mayfair?

A survey, undertaken by international co-working space providers, Mindspace (in conjunction with research from One Poll), have found that over a FIFTH of UK millennials are turning down potential employers due to the uninspiring layout of their offices.

In numbers, the figures read that 21 percent of 18-24 year-olds said that they left a job because of poor design, whilst 31 percent of all workers surveyed said that their current working environment makes them feel uninspired. 34 percent of 18-24 year-olds surveyed also said that they would be willing to commute for a maximum of one hour (each way) to a workplace that they feel better suits them, with only 22 percent of 44-54 year-olds saying the same.

In terms of the general setup of the workplace, the survey reveals that 46 percent of workers feel that their spaces provide little or no collaboration between different departments and teams. Almost a fifth (19 percent) also does not feel that their current workspace gives them any encouragement to collaborate with others.

Workplace amenities and features are also important; 72 percent of people surveyed would like access to a kitchen, 66 percent to meeting rooms and 53 percent to tea & coffee facilities. The possession of a breakout room is also important; with a quarter of those surveyed wanting such a space to take breaks, even to undertake informal meetings in.

In terms of your office interiors in Mayfair, one of the biggest challenges would be retaining talented employees; not only does the area already provide a competitive environment just a tube stop away, but improving transport links have seen many people look towards the growing business communities in-and-around the South East for work. This is precisely why it is simply vital to get your design on point.

The benefits of improving your office design

With millennials providing the bulk of the workforce for the next 30-40 years, forward-thinking businesses should be thinking about shaping their office spaces to meet their needs. Mindspace’s survey clearly shows that our current office designs are in-between generations. By putting changes in place NOW, this will stand the business in better stead of attracting (and retaining) the generation to come. The generation that will be expecting a versatile, customisable working environment.

With that in mind, here are some benefits of improving your office interiors in Mayfair:

  • The chances of a rise in productivity are higher if your employees feel inspired, catered for and comfortable in their working environment. As such, you should include their views in what they would like in their perfect office design; whether that’s the ability to better collaborate with their colleagues, work in a quieter area or simply be able to experience a comfortable existence, using ergonomic furniture. Giving your current employees more of a say in how their working environment is designed will simply provide them with a morale boost, as well as to make the workplace function better, now and for the future.
  • Branding of the workplace is a great way to portray a unique image of your business to employees and clients alike. Using your office interiors in Mayfair to communicate what your business is about and what its philosophies are, can be compared to our home interiors. Where do we feel most comfortable and relaxed? Reflecting that ‘homely, unique feeling’ inside your workplace will doubtless inspire employees and impress clients.
  • Communication and collaboration can be improved simply by evaluating how your current office design hinders it, and how it can be transformed to aid it instead. Even with open office design, the communication and collaboration can be affected by other factors; be it outside noise, a poor technology infrastructure or simply because the layout of the office doesn’t suit the working practices of everyone. A new office design gives you the scope to think about all of these elements, and how to improve them.

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