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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on workplaces everywhere – lockdowns, social distancing, working from home, flexible working, agile working, hybrid working…all office design terms that people have got used to over the last two years. What the situation has taught us, is that our work environments will be better suited to react to changes as and when they happen; not just in terms of public health situations, but whenever work or employee requests dictate change too.

Successful businesses are ones that can meet changes as and when they happen, so the workplace must be an extension of that going forward. With the technology we have today, there has never been a better time to introduce concepts like flexible, agile and hybrid working; they each have their own benefits and can provide some much-needed growth to a business. It all depends on the unique demands of the company involved, their employees and the work they produce.

So, with that in mind, how can workplace design lend itself to the growth of a business in 2022 and beyond?

grow your business with office design

Retention and attraction of talented employees.

The best assets of any business are those who make it a success; the employees. To help them to produce great work for the business, they will need to be catered for; given all the equipment and facilities they need to best display their abilities. It can be said that a major frustration of many workers is that their workplace doesn't aid them in their work. If this is indeed the case, many employees may look elsewhere for work, negatively affecting the business.

Improve client services.

The interiors of a building say everything about its occupants; the condition it's in, the atmosphere it generates, the tools and equipment it houses...these are all aspects of an office design that potential clients will look at when forming their initial opinion about a business they're dealing with. If that first impression they see is one that shows a functional workplace that communicates professionalism and a happy workforce, then the business will be on the way to closing a sale, without them having to utter any promotional words.

Business Branding.

The ultimate way to communicate what the business is 'all about' is through the branding that is bestowed on the workplace. Giving an identity to the business reflects professionalism; it shows off its philosophies towards the work it produces, how it cares for its employees and values its customers. If the branding can positively communicate this, employees and clients alike will be encouraged of the professional approach of the business.

Improve work productivity and quality.

This is the main point that the others are connected to; by improving your office design so that it responds to the demands of your employees and the work they produce, you will be creating a working environment in which they feel comfortable, equipped, inspired, included and happy. All these aspects can only have a positive impact on their productivity and as a result, the work created. Better quality will mean happier clients, boosting your reputation, ultimately placing you in a great position to attract even more business as time goes on.

If you would like to learn more about how office design can aid the growth of your business, why not consider getting in touch with the expert team here at Oaktree?

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Here at Oaktree Interiors, we are experienced office project managers who have the requisite know-how to ensure the transition into your ideal office will be as smooth as possible. We deal with every aspect of design and build; from the impact it may have on your people, all the practical elements, right down to the tiniest of details that may not immediately spring to mind.

Our previous projects have seen us work with an array of business types and sizes; establishing new businesses, breathing new life into old ones and even assisting the growth of others.

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