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As the sun sets on 2017, we'll all no doubt be looking back on the year, reminiscing about our achievements at work, evaluating the lessons we've learned, the mistakes we may have made and understanding how we can improve for next year. As we look at ourselves, we must also look outwards – namely to the environments that we operate in. Do they offer us the right facilities in which to do our jobs? Are they comfortable and inspiring to work in? Do they give us the freedom to think and to contribute ideas?

Great office design in Winnersh can help to achieve all of these. By looking back on the year and understanding the contribution that the office environment has made, can we begin to make these changes.

Expert Office Design In Winnersh, Berkshire And Throughout The South-East

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we have been creating bespoke office environments for local businesses throughout the last three decades. Our time in the industry has allowed us to understand the changing nature of office design trends and how they relate to the working practices of the modern workforce. As such, we hone our designs towards assisting the staff – the office itself being just like another member of staff rather than 'just somewhere to work in'.

With Berkshire and South East business, in general, experiencing much growth, there has never been a better time to think about improving your office design in Winnersh. In this blog, we're going to look at a number of reasons why you should be thinking about an office refurbishment for 2018.

Why You Should Think About Improving Your Office Design For 2018

  • To Reduce Operational Costs. With rising costs and competition, an office has to keep working harder just to keep up. As such, more businesses have started to move towards introducing an agile workspace in order to reduce the amount of space used – which helps them to get the best out of their buildings. Some even take the opportunity to relocate to a facility more in-keeping with their requirements, or one with less floor space – meaning lower rents and operational costs.
  • To Improve Communication and Teamwork. The importance of fostering a great amount of teamwork in your office design in Winnersh cannot be overlooked; it can be the difference in the company creating great work, which will lead to success.
  • To Attract and Retain Talented Individuals. With Berkshire proving to be such an attraction to businesses and employees, it is simply vital for you to use your office interiors as a selling tool. Employees want to work in comfort, in an environment that aids them in their work, not to constrict them or stunt their creativity. They simply want to be happy at work – often this will be the difference in them choosing to work for your company, or seek employment elsewhere, costing you of their abilities to drive the business forward.
  • To Maximise Productivity. Being present within an environment that doesn't offer support and is simply a dull and uninspiring environment, will have a negative effect on productivity. A new office design in Winnersh will create an environment that will be flexible enough to cater for all employees' working practices, as well as show off attractive, inspiring interiors that can only produce a higher rate of productivity.
  • To Improve The View Of Your Company. Aside from the need to inspire and impress talented employees, the need to make an impression on clients is another reason why an office needs to look (and feel) at its best. Imagine it; you walk into an office that is old, tired, dull – what would you think about the people who operate it? The people who you are speaking to about doing business? You'll probably not be encouraged – and it's this negative impression that can lose a company work.
  • To Reduce Waste. With the drive to become green being more commonplace in today's society, there's still some way for us to go to reduce our environmental footprint, creating a much-healthier world for us all. This is why it's important for workplaces to be able to be environmentally friendly and recycle all their waste – not only will it cut down on landfill, but it'll also help the workplace itself to save money and be more efficient.
  • To Upgrade Tech Installations. As time has moved on, so has the tech we use to undertake our work. Whilst a decade ago, stationary computers and cables were commonplace, today it's all about flexibility and wireless connectivity – giving employees the freedom to move about the office space into a more comfortable or apt area. By not upgrading your office to incorporate these elements, you'll be running the risk of falling behind the competition in the race to produce quality work and to attract the brightest talents.
  • To Cater For Possible Growth. You'll ideally have expansion in mind when thinking about the future of your business; it's a sign of success, after all. By incorporating the idea of future growth into your office design in Winnersh, you'll be in a good position to expand when the time comes to attract new employees. What's more, having an expansion plan already in place will help to save on costs – if you need to expand but don't have anything in place to meet it right away, you may need to reorganise and reconfigure your office, which would cost plenty of time and money.

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