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Although the saying “You'll only get one chance to make a good first impression" may sound like an obvious (and clichéd) statement to make, it will always ring true. Good first impressions are simply vital for a business, especially if they're trying to secure work.

As the first point of contact that a client would have with the business they're hoping to deal with, the reception area needs to make that good first impression.

An impressible reception: Improving the effectiveness of your office fit out

Think about...The layout

Be your reception area large or small, you will still need to consider how you use the space available to you to ensure you are using it as efficiently as possible. Remember that the reception area will get a lot of traffic going through it during the day, so it's important that you create the best layout to allow for the easy movement of people. The reception desk should be the focal point of the reception, as it should be the first thing that visitors see when they enter your building.

Think about...The seating

Having enough seats for everyone to sit on is vital. With the reception being a busy area, with people coming in for meetings, training, interviews, etc, ensuring that everyone has, not just got a seat, but a comfortable one at that, will help greatly in setting that good impression. Ensure that your reception seating is smart and any older pieces,that are showing signs of wear and tear, are reupholstered to uphold your professional image.

Think about... Greenery

Placing plants in your office fit out to evoke a 'natural image' may be a simple, well-used tactic – it is so, because it works. Adding bright plants to your reception space will not only add a bit of colour, but their release of oxygen will create a better, healthier atmosphere. Plants are inexpensive and require only minimum care; they show your visitors that you value appearance and the healthy appearance of plants will show that you are a caring, dedicated.

Think about...Natural light

Another great way to provide a positive impression without having to make any massive changes is by introducing more natural light within the reception area. Having cold-feeling, industrial lighting doesn't work too well in a reception area, as they only shine a limited spectrum of light. Coming in from the outside, a visitor will not have to adjust their eyes to the level of natural light in the reception – helping them to feel relaxed and calm. Perfect if you have any interviewees!

Think about...The desk

As we've already mentioned, the reception desk needs to be the focal point – but what type of impression do you want to give? Different types of reception desks give different impressions, so ensure that you select the right one for your business and that it improves the overall aesthetics of your office fit out. Don't forget that it has to be practical too, so not having enough storage behind/inside of the desk could result in its surface being cluttered and looking unprofessional. Also,make sure that the desk is at a decent height; a desk that is too high will appear imposing and intimidating.

Think about...The branding/personality

Having a reception area that is uniform and bland isn't a great idea if you want your impression to be a positive one;giving your branding a personality will go a long way. Colour is omnipotent in creating a brand; if your business is a creative one, then using bright and bold colours will work well. If you deal with finance, having neutral and clean colours will communicate 'professionalism'. You should consider what message you want to get across with the decoration of your reception; don't shy away from providing a 'human touch; by showing your businesses achievements or any community/charity work too. It all goes into the 'impression bank' after all.

Think about...Technology

Pretty much everyone will have the latest technology within easy reach, so it's important that this is recognised in your office fit out. Introducing Wi-Fi (with signs indicating guests can log on), television screens so they have something to watch and the provision of electrical sockets to charge their devices are all things that are easy to introduce. These additions will ensure that your guests will have a positive impression of a modern business that looks after everyone who visits.

Improve your office interiors with us

So that was our 7 ways your business can make a great impression on your visitors with your reception area. Are you interested in learning more about how you can improve your own company's interiors? Then why not get in touch with our office design experts today?

No matter the type of project you have in mind; whether you want to update your reception area to leave that positive impression on your visitors, or if you're looking to totally transform your office fit out altogether, we have all of the industry knowledge and experience to bring your office design dreams into reality.

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