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Walk in any room, any environment at any time of day and it will speak to you. It will tell you all about the vicinity you're in, it will inform you of what it is, what it's about, what the people who operate it are like. In short, the environment presented by an office design in London may just well be the difference in a client or talented employee choosing your company.

Going a long way in dictating how the image of your working environment is portrayed, are patterns. Occurring when one or more symbols repeat themselves and fill a surface in a structured way, the repetition of a pattern can be regular or irregular. Their effect will change depending on what symbols are used and how they're repeated. In office refurbishment, the right patterns can turn an otherwise drab environment into a branded office space that offers inspiration and drive to everyone present.

What is the significance of pattern for office design London?

Whilst the idea of using patterns to create branding may sound like a relatively recent concept, they have been used to reflect feelings and thoughts for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Patterns occur naturally; the texture and colours of the outside combine to create the leaves of a forest or the seashells that lay on a beach; placed there by nature. Evoking the calm and innocence that defines nature, humans have been using the patterns presented in the natural world to paint pictures, to decorate their homes or even to match their attire to, all throughout history. Simply because of the feelings the look creates.

There is a simple explanation as to why we are drawn to such patterns; by decorating our spaces with patterns we recognise and like, these repetitions give us a sense of order. A harmonious order that makes these decorated environments a pleasure to be in, and not a long hard slog.Ideal to have in a work environment, you'd say?

For office design in London, the need for a business to have office interiors that inspire harmonious feelings cannot be understated. Being one of the (if not the) most competitive (and expensive)places in the world to do business, the rewards can be high. Talented employees, drawn to the city due to its quality of life, will be looking for a work environment that will help them feel content, one that will allow them to collaborate and get along with their peers, and one that will push them on to unleash their skills to make a difference to the standing of their company.What they experience on first glance of their perspective working environment will form their opinion of the company; you don't want them to go elsewhere,especially to a rival.

Then, there is the image that the company needs to impress upon its visitors. The key is finding a unique a company branding ideal that will sum up everything it wants to get across to its clients, yet be inspiring for its employees.

But how to find your ideal branding ideals?

Create your branded workplace, with Oaktree Interiors

Here at Oaktree Interiors, our office interior designers have been creating innovative workplaces for a wide range of businesses throughout the last two decades. Able to appeal to the aesthetic needs of the business and its clients, the interiors that our design team create have given previously-monotonous spaces a new lease of life, helping to retain and inspire talented people, as well as attract new clients.

If you would like to learn more about our office design in London service, please feel free to browse around our website to learn more, especially our dedicated case study section that presents a great insight into our design and office fit outwork.

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