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Today's workplaces are more than just environments 'in which we work'; they are centres of learning, social hubs, even health and wellness improvement facilities. They are places that are designed to augment our skills; placing us in a constant culture of improvement so we get the best out of ourselves, our colleagues, and the businesses we work for.

It makes perfect sense to lend an office design to all this; after all, most of us will spend upwards of 8 hours a day at work. Work has a massive impact on our lives, even when we're outside of the building.

The key is to create an environment that is comfortable, engaging, and inspiring; somewhere that employees want to work, rather than dread to. It needs to be somewhere that people feel a part of, unpressured yet challenged. That they're able to work as part of a collective, individually, or even call in from afar.

How can office design branding improve workplace culture?

Fundamentally, branding within the workplace gives the business a unique identity that will give off the impression of originality and professionalism. Achieved with the use of colours, materials, equipment, facilities, or different environmental set-ups; office design branding can reflect the business's philosophy; its approach to its people, its products and the world.

The quality of office interiors should be the foundation of any business (it is, after all, the platform from which they work). By providing an inspiring, professional and functional environment, businesses have a better opportunity to keep and attract talented people. In turn, employees are more likely to produce great work that they enjoy and that clients love; leading to an increased amount of profit and potential future work.

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It's important to keep in mind that branding isn't just about a lick of paint, a logo design, or a few inspirational quotes dotted around the office – the brand can also relate to how the company functions. Is the business ultra-professional? Traditional? Fun and easy-going? These are all feelings that can be transmitted to people; telling them about the business's philosophies without actually verbally communicating anything. People are more likely to trust their own instincts on the things they encounter; a strong first impression is half the battle won.

Office branding in action

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we are an office design-and-build company that has helped a wide range of businesses to achievetheir ideal branded workspaces. Our casestudies page stands as an example of theworks we can create; here, we've picked out three projects that were primarilyfocused on the branding aspect:

GR Wright and Sons

G R Wright and Sons are an award-winning, family-owned flour milling business, established in Ponders End Mills, near Enfield in 1867. The design brief was to create a modern and functional space, incorporating the company's brand identity and celebrating its 150-year company history.

This was achieved by the usage of colours and materials related to their industry, as well as the inclusion of a timeline of Wright's history within the design of the modernised, large reception area. This set out the rich history and principles of the business to employees and visitors alike.

Read more about the project here

Landmark Holding Group

Formed in 2018, Landmark Holding Group specialises in developing and managing insurance intermediaries. As a leading provider of such services, the insurance district in Central London was an obvious location to aim for – the issue, of course, is that this is arguably the busiest area for business in the world. Standing out is, therefore, vital to attracting clients, as well as new talents.

This is where company branding came in; the feeling Landmark wanted to communicate was one of 'hardworking, but fun' – challenging, yet exciting. We created an engaging workspace for Landmark Group by designing several different working areas within the open-plan office space. Within the design, we created a mix of permanent workstations, hot desks, informal meeting and collaboration spaces. An electronic golf practice system was even installed; projected on a large screen within a dedicated game area, utilising the latest golf game technology. This created a fun and unique facility for staff and visitors to enjoy away from the desk.

Read more about the project here

Olympia Tools

Anothergreat aspect of branding is that it can provide a platform to show off thecompany's products and services. Take our office fit out for Olympia Tool as anexample. Growing to become a major European trade-only distributor of handtools and workwear within the relatively short time of 20 years, they wereseeking a fresh new office design to emphasise their leading status.

So, wecreated an office that complemented Olympia's brand, placing focus on the client andguest welcoming areas. The case in point was a 'graphic wall' in the newshowroom area that displayed all their flagship products; providing them with agreat reason to invite clients to the office for meetings. In branded meetingrooms that also communicated the business and its status, of course!

Read more about the project here
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