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Having being involved in the office design industry for a few decades now, we’ve seen much change in the tastes and trends that are reflected within many office interiors in Westminster. The workplace used to be a simple ‘shell’ for employees as they went about their work; the facility hosting the tools they needed to do the job. As the years have gone by, more thought has been placed into the actual design of the working environment; how it can be shaped to work alongside an employee, as they go about their work. The hope being that a more intelligent workplace would eventually make for increased productivity and a better quality of work.

A major factor in creating this type of environment is the comfort levels. Being at work for 8+ hours a day, it’s an obvious requisite that employees need to feel at ease in order to produce their best work. It’s the home, of course, that is the ultimate place in which we can feel comfortable and relaxed, and it’s this feeling that forward thinking businesses are wanting to recreate within the design of their offices.

Why are office interiors in Westminster starting to look (and feel) more like home?

The saying, there’s no place like home was generally popularised with the timeless children’s novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and has become a common utterance for those whenever they’re in/have returned from a place that doesn’t reflect the safe and comfortable nature provided by their home. The phrase is believed to have been coined around the 14th century when ‘family’ as an institution started to take root, as people who shared a common bond realised that they were only at ease in the home. As a result, home life became more important to people; so more thought was placed into how they could make it unique to them, to make it a place where their family would feel safe and want to spend time there. Out of this, a unique culture and philosophy grew in families that spanned generations. The home is no longer just a place ‘we live in’.

In today’s world, the meaning of family has grown beyond those who we share a house with and those whose blood we share. Being in a family requires devotion, understanding and togetherness as everyone works together to achieve a common goal. These are the precise feelings that many a business wants to reflect within their workspaces; any great office interiors in Westminster is a place that is unique to the personal needs/tastes of the business and its employees. By creating these feelings, a business will be striving to foster a bond amongst their employees, and them being part of the family, is a belief will help to drive everyone on to achieve great things together.

Making the right impression with office interiors.

Continuing on the home/office design theme; the interiors of the places we inhabit also work to reflect a glimpse of who we are, what we do and how we achieve our aims. Imagine if you walk into a workplace (the ‘home’ of a business) and it looks tired, uniform and just simply dull. What would your impression of the people who dwell in this place be? What would you think if you look around and see that a workplace is using outdated technology or doesn’t possess tools or facilities that help to enhance the work that they’re doing? Would you want to lend your skills, expertise, or money to such a business? If you manage to catch sight of employees, how do they look? How is the mood? If it’s negative or edgy, is this something that you want to feel too? The point is that there is a multitude of feelings and thoughts that can be experienced with one simple glance around any type of establishment, and pictures often say more than words.

With an increasing amount of businesses now understanding the need to make their office spaces more homely, it isn’t a stretch to say that within the next few years, the average workplace will be expected to reflect the same feelings that we experience within our homes. Therefore, talented employees and clients alike will increasingly judge the business on the environment it offers in addition to the service it provides. With the local area being such a competitive market for employees and clients as it is, the need to impress with office interiors in Westminster has suddenly become an important key in the many that are required to breach the door to success. If you’re seeking to improve the design of your workplace, make sure you’re in a position to turn that key.

Unlock the true potential of your businesses, with office design from Oaktree Interiors

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we have created many an office design over the years for clients who have been seeking to bestow that same homely feeling on their workforce. No matter if you’re seeking to increase the productivity rates of your employees, make an impression on visitors or simply want a refresh of your current design, then an office refurbishment can provide you with the ideal opportunity to understand what type of image you want your business to reflect. By implementing an office design that portrays feelings and philosophies that are unique to you (and your ‘family’) in a comfortable, homely environment, you’ll be providing yourself with a great springboard to potential business success.

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