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Be it through a need to expand, to install new technology or simply to give the workspace a refresh, implementing a new office design can help to improve the look and feel of your office space. How do you know when the time is right to improve your office design in Hemel Hempstead though?

Requiring a significant investment of your time (as well as money, of course!) it can be easy to put thoughts about the effects that the design of the office has on everyone, to one side. Quite simply, improving your office design is one of the most important decisions you can make; it not only affects the wellbeing and abilities of your employees, it will also play into how good the work they produce is.

Achieving great office design in Hemel Hempstead

Existing as it does, in the competitive area just outside of London, great office design in Hemel Hempstead could prove to be the key to unlocking business success. If you're responsible for a business in the local area and are thinking about what effects your current office interiors have, here are some things to look out for:

  • The need to expand will become obvious if your office space becomes overcrowded; without undertaking regular reviews of the layout of the office, it's likely that new employees will have to be squeezed into spaces that don't offer sufficient space, or even placed in a space that was intended to serve another use, such as a breakout or meeting space. Losing a type of space that was intended for collaboration can only have a detrimental effect; probably leading to a dip in productivity and the quality of work produced.

    If you consider too that in this modern age, we rely on agile working to complete different tasks, losing flexible space may have an impact on the wellbeing of employees. That feeling of being overcrowded can be felt either through the number of people around or even the clutter that lies around, working to lower productivity and creativity.
  • Collaboration is indeed vital in the modern workplace. With people who work in different departments, backgrounds or roles, needing to share ideas and to work on the same tasks and/or contribute to large projects together, being able to possess the facilities to serve them is simply paramount. The classic office layout is one that groups staff by roles or divides them by seniority, creating an 'us and them' mentality between different people and departments. Therefore, an office that is designed with flexibility allows these previously thick dividing lines to be somewhat faint, encouraging interaction and circulation between staff, providing support and just generally creating a great atmosphere in which everyone feels able to go about their jobs with the confidence that they can ask for support if needs be.
  • Any great office design in Hemel Hempstead will be a big help in retaining talented employees. A high turnover rate in a business isn't helpful in any way; the costs to recruit and train people will be high and in the meantime, the structure of the company will weaken, requiring other people to cover vacant roles, roles that they may not be used to doing, leading to increased stress and unhappiness on their part too. The working environment plays hugely into an employee's happiness; whether it's comfortable seating, facilities for them to relax and reflect in or simply having the right tools with which to explore their talents with; great office design groups all of these things together and creates a positive culture within the workplace. The likelihood is that if people feel like they're catered for, they'll be happy at work; strengthening that company structure, lessening the turnover rate and creating a much-better opportunity for business success.
  • Need to host any clients as part of your business? Then their first impression of your business can be heightened with great office design. Think about it; if you walk into an office that seems dull, dated and regimented, what would your impression be of the service that's on offer? For many clients, this impression will form their opinion of the company and may even work against them. On the other hand, if you visit an office that is clean, modern and simply evokes positivity through its flexible design, what will you think about the company then?
  • What separates great businesses from the rest? They have a corporate identity that immediately tells people about their values, culture and personality. Through one, a potential employee or client can understand what the company is all about, how it does its business and how it treats its employees. A corporate identity shows people that those who hold one are professional, successful and easy to work with. After all, all the great businesses have one.

Improve your office environment with Oaktree

If you are indeed thinking about improving your office design in Hemel Hempstead, why not get in touch with the office design experts here at Oaktree Interiors? Throughout the past 3 decades, we have worked with a multitude of different business organisations and industries, creating unique office interiors that recognise the working needs of the employees, as well as the need for the business to promote itself to clients. What we create, will be an office that will truly be bespoke, giving the business a renewed confidence to go forward and hit (possibly even exceed) their goals.

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