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The modern period was a very eventful period of time, not just with regards to historic events such as the first world war, but also within terms of art and architecture. Perhaps one of the most notable schools was The Bauhaus which was founded by Walter Gropius in 1919 and combined crafts and fine arts. Indeed, The Bauhaus had a large influence on areas such as typography, graphic design, and interior design.

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What does the term modern mean?

The word modern has numerous meanings. With regards to art and architecture, it refers to the modern period, however the term modern originated in the 16th century meaning “present/recent times”; the word is still used by many in this context.

When was the modern period?

The modern or modernist period originated in the late 19th century and ended during the middle of the 20th century. This time-period is also known for industrialisation, social changes, and advances in both science and social science.

The modernist period ended during the mid 20th century, which led to the rise to postmodernism in the late 20th century. This saw a deviation away from modernist principals such as clean lines and unadorned buildings, instead opting for a large amount of decoration; sometimes simply to be decorative.

Clean lines is one of the defining features of modernism in the mid 20th century, this can be seen through large housing projects which utilise simple geometric shapes. However, as the modernist period ended and the birth of postmodernism began, architecture moved away from the simple geometric shapes utilised by modernist architects; instead returning to materials and forms more similar to traditional methods of architecture.

What is modern office design?

With regards to interior design, modernist design originates from the above mentioned Bauhaus. One of the key design principals at the Bauhaus was ‘Form follows function’. This means that modernist office furniture would be simple, with very few is any accessories.

However, this lack of accessorising and a focus on clean lines does not mean that modernist interior design is bland and uneventful. Whilst it is true that some offices will benefit from other artistic styles such as postmodernism or contemporary designs, modernist interior design can be very beneficial to numerous businesses. Indeed, as every business is unique, it is very important that your furnishing and office interior solution is designed to meet the unique needs of your business.

What colours work well in modernist office design?

This style of office interior design centres on clean lines and neutral colours. So if you’ve been reading about the psychology of colour and colours such as black, white, or grey, interest you. Perhaps a modernist design for your office environment would be a fantastic choice for your business.

Different styles of office design – which one is right for you?

Modernism is but one of many different artistic styles which you could draw on as inspiration for your business’ office interior design. Indeed, in today’s 21st century society there are lots of different art styles to choose form with regards to office design. However, with artistic terms such as abstract expressionism, surrealism, and futurism, many people could be confused which style is best suited to their business.

If you are interested in learning more about the numerous different styles of office design in addition to modernism that you could choose from, here is a quick list of two different styles of interior design, minimalism and contemporary.

  • Minimalist office design.
    Minimalism differs from other styles of interior design by utilising natural light in order to highlight different spaces and shapes. Similar to modernism, minimalist design also has very few accessories; instead opting for hidden storage solutions.

    With regards to colour, typically minimalism embraces cool colours such as blue, green, or purple. As such, if you are considering utilising any of those colours in your office design and you want to get the most use out of the available space, you might consider minimalist interior design for your workplace.
  • Contemporary office design.
    Similar to modernism, contemporary designs also include clean lines. Additionally, like minimalism, contemporary design also focuses on space. However, contemporary differs from both minimalism and modernism by also including both stylish and popular colours and furniture. Additionally, contemporary interior design may also include technology. As such, if you’re searching for an office interior design that can work alongside integrated tech, contemporary office design could be a fantastic choice for your business.

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