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Here at Oaktree Interiors, we understand the effects that a well designed workplace and quality office interiors have on its workforce. It isn't just a place for staff to exist in; it's a part of the working team.

So if you're interested in implementing activity based working in your business, make sure that your office environment and facilities are up to the challenge. Give the Oaktree team a call today on 0345 2186955 and request a free consultation.

What is activity based working?

Sometimes abbreviated as ABW, activity based working is a workplace philosophy that works on the concept that work in an office environment doesn't need a fixed location. The ABW style shuns the idea of assigned work stations and desks, somewhat like a flexible working environment, it views work as a fluid activity that can change on a daily basis. This means that an office designed for activity based working must be designed with the upmost flexibility in mind; employees need a diverse range of areas to work in that can be modified and customised to meet their changing needs throughout their work day.

What are the advantages of introducing activity based working to your business?

There are numerous advantages of switching to an ABW workflow. Firstly, there's the social aspect which can see great improvements to workplace camaraderie. In a similar way to open plan spaces, opening up your office with ABW design removes barriers that hinder collaboration, allowing employees to communicate with each other more conveniently, enabling them to pool resources, share ideas, and work together to overcome challenges.

Secondly, the building of a workplace community is a powerful tool to not only recruit but retain staff. Achieving the best talent is becoming increasingly more and more difficult as time goes on, job seekers in today's workforce want to use the best tools in the best spaces working alongside the best people. So by utilising ABW office design, you're fostering a workplace culture of teamwork, which in turn will boost workplace camaraderie, which is a very powerful tool for employee retention.

Finally it's also worthwhile noting that office environments with ABW designs significantly reduce the amount of wasted funds, both in terms of wasted space and in terms of utilities such as heat, electricity, and of course rent costs; as all of these contribute to expenses. This is because by implementing flexible work practices in an office space optimised for ABW, the average space per employee drops thanks to the implementation of things such as collaboration zones and hot-desking. This reduction in average space per employee has a significant impact on business costs, potentially making great savings in rent, heating, and maintenance which can instead be invested into your business, perhaps further improving the working conditions and providing an even better office environment for your staff?

Is there an optimal time to introduce activity based working changes?

Simply put; there's never a bad time to introduce activity based working. However, it is important to make sure that your office interiors and the working environment is fully equipped to make the most out of the change. For example, if your workplace is based on a cubical based workstation design, your workplace layout is likely in need of office refurbishment work before implementing ABW design.

Also known as flexible and agile working environment, ABW designed spaces include large collaborative areas that can be customised to meet the need of your staff, this can include things such as movable dividers, or perhaps even items of furniture in 'third space areas' such as corridors that allow people to modify the areas to create the workspace that they and their team need.

It's also important to note that making the switch the ABW can also cause a significant cultural change to your workplace, so make sure that your employees are involved in the change and know what to expect. After all, they need to understand how the space is going to change and a lot of issues regarding making the switch can be easily ironed out through communicating with your staff and planning accordingly.

As such, whilst there is no specified 'best time to introduce ABW to your business, it's always best to make sure that your office environment and your employees are prepared for the change.

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Our office interior professionals have 30 years of industry experience, but there's no 'house style' at Oaktree Interiors. Instead every proposal we make is unique; expertly crafted to meet the unique needs of our clients. So if you're looking to incorporate Activity Based Working into your workplace, give the Oaktree Interiors team a call and learn more about our office interior solutions.

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