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If you’re thinking about improving your workplace with an office refurbishment in Maidenhead, then thinking about the impact it can have in the future should be one of the primary aspects to nail down. After all, creating new interiors will be somewhat of an investment and its longevity, along with the impact it can have on the working practices of the business, will define whether it offers true value for money.

One such future trend that you should definitely monitor, is virtual reality (VR). Once a stable of science fiction, the recent release of the latest Steven Spielberg-directed movie ‘Ready Player One’ has highlighted the potential impact that virtual reality could have on our world in years to come. Although the film is set in 2045, the majority of the action takes place in a virtual world called the OASIS, in which most of the population spend their time in; whether it’s playing, socialising, even working, the possibilities that this fictional virtual world present, are endless.

VR and its potential impact on an office refurbishment in Maidenhead

In (our) reality, it’s easy to compare the themes explored in the film to what we have now. VR headsets are already in popular usage; easily connectable to personal computers, game consoles, even certain types of mobile phones, many of us are already exploring virtual worlds to live, work and play. We’re still only in the relative infancy of VR though and whilst something like an entire virtual world such as the OASIS is probably many decades away, today we can still implement VR to achieve certain tasks.

Here at Oaktree Interiors, our industry-leading office refurbishment in Maidenhead service is underlined by our rollout of 2-D and 3-D designs that give our clients a great insight into how their ideal office interiors would look. With this knowledge, they (and we) can make better-informed decisions of whether or not to go ahead with everything that’s been implemented in the design. We can even look at any aspects that may need changing, before we actually create them for real. Whilst the ability of VR to do this isn’t too far away, our service runs on the same possibilities that VR could potentially achieve. In this blog, we’re going to look at a few ways in which VR can help to improve the workplace experience in the future.

How can VR help the workplace in the future?

Despite creating a new world in front of our very eyes, VR can offer a new perspective on seeing, experiencing and interacting with the real world we live in. Here are some ways in which it could potentially help the workplace in the future:

  • Attracting talented people to a business could prove to be difficult, especially if it’s based in such a competitive pool provided by Berkshire and the rest of the South East (this is another reason why great office refurbishment in Maidenhead is important). VR can give potential employees the opportunity to step into a simulation of the workplace, as they follow workers through their daily routines and experience the various roles they may be required to undertake. This will give the business a great insight into their talents, how they work and ultimately if they are the right fit for the company, its philosophy and the role. This, of course, works vice versa; the employee will be able to experience what working for the company is like and whether the job (and the workplace, which should be a true reflection of the actual workplace, of course) is right for them.
  • One of the main things that VR is currently used for, is immersive training. A virtual world will give someone the opportunity to learn and develop, without having any actual effect on the real world. They can interact with and experience different situations, scenarios and ways of working, learning from mistakes as they go, without the added pressure provided by the real world. Whilst actual in-work training is still a good thing, the nature of training sees mistakes made, and mistakes normally cost. A VR training system can help a business to eliminate such training costs.
  • Multitasking is a requirement of most jobs. In the office, we’re likely to have a number of different tabs open, windows up, even monitors on, just to achieve our tasks in hand. This ‘second screen’ phenomenon is a fixture of the modern workplace and much time is spent navigating through them all; just imagine the time that can be saved if we’re able to achieve multiple tasks even quicker? This is where VR can help. Those different applications, documents and screens can be navigated through with just a turn of the head, updates to certain data can be seen in real-time and people can be interacted with simultaneously.
  • Often when we talk about tech, the human factor can be forgotten about. VR creates a virtual world, so everything in it isn’t real, right? Not quite; we forget that behind every computer screen, name and avatar is a human being trying to achieve a task. We aren’t machines; we experience different feelings and thoughts every single minute of the day. At work, these thoughts will no doubt increase tenfold and as such, VR could potentially be used for a number of different tasks that allow for empathy, a better understanding of what other people feel, ultimately creating a better bond between team members.

Improve your office design today, with Oaktree Interiors

Although we’re still a few years away from VR making a true breakthrough in the average workplace, we are still able to look at their potential benefits and re-shape our current set-ups with them. Having been involved within the office design industry for over 30 years here at Oaktree Interiors, we have constantly stayed on top of the latest changes and trends within the industry. If you’re looking to experience what your ideal office refurbishment in Maidenhead would look like, our talented team of designers are able to create 2-D and 3-D designs of your perfect office interiors as part of our free, no-obligation consultation service. Why not get in touch with us to learn more?

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