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It can be easy to assume that an office is just simply 'a place to work in'; it's so much more than that. Every office, no matter its industry or location will have its own unique purpose. As such, the best office interiors in London are shaped towards the needs of the people who use them; helping them to produce better work and upping their rates of productivity.

On the other hand, an office can also work as a representation of your brand; a real-life version of your marketing materials. It can be a reflection of your company philosophy, the industry you work in, even how you value your employees. All of these aspects will create a picture in the mind of any prospective clients or talented employees, summing up whether they want to work with you, or not. So you can see how important it is to get your office design on point. What do YOUR office interiors say about you?

The importance of setting the right first impression with your office interiors in London

With London (as well as the ever-growing business community around the South East) being highly competitive, the opportunity to gain any sort of advantage to impress visitors is vital. As the first impression of your office interiors in London will immediately inform them of the type of business you are, it's vital you get it right. If they see a bright, modern and functional workplace, they will undoubtedly be impressed by your approach, relating the quality of the design with the quality of service you're likely to offer. An office fit out that is dated, dull and dispiriting, won't be setting any great first impression – in fact, it would probably be of detriment.

The competitive nature of running a business doesn’t just begin and end at attracting clients; it also applies to attracting (and retaining) talented employees too. As your biggest asset, the work produced by your employees is the fundamental part of your service; you cannot serve your clients without them. Creating an inviting and inspiring environment to work in will make people want to be a part of your business. An employee simply wants to be present in an environment that allows them to work at a level that suits them, with easy access to the right tools and help, if needed. If they feel that all their needs are catered for, that they are contributing to the success of the business, the more likely it is that they will experience job satisfaction and be happy at work, further driving them forward to achieve great things.

A new office design = functionality & inspiration for your employees

The workplace of today is made up of a diverse collection of individuals; people who bring different skills, abilities and working practises to the company. The challenge for any business owner is to create an effective team from these players – combining their skills to create a working process that will help to create great work, serving clients’ needs and taking the business forward.

A massive help in achieving this, of course, would be the facilities at their disposal. Whether it’s comfortable furniture, easy-access to the correct technology and tools they need, there is much an office design can do for an individual during their working day. Then, of course, there’s the need for these individuals to combine their skills; the modern office of today is able to create multiple ‘zones’ within their spaces, from formal meeting rooms to informal breakout rooms that allow for easy collaboration and ideas sharing in a comfortable environment. Just like the workforce, the modern office needs to offer a diverse set of skills; so you could say that the office should be working as another member of staff.

Another great thing that can be achieved by the design of your office is to create an environment that can provide the inspiration that is so often needed in pressure situations. With many office jobs requiring an employee to sit at their desk for hours on end, it can be easy for them to become distracted, discouraged even. Much of this can be put down to the design of the office – from dull, uniform walls to aspects such as a lack of natural lighting or poor air conditioning. By creating a more natural, multi-textured design, you can give your employees something other to look at than the same four walls and somewhere else to work in than the same uncomfortable, distracting environment.

Ultimately, improving your office interiors in London will give you the perfect opportunity to reimagine the design of your office, the working practices of your staff – even the costs you incur through rental, utilities and maintenance. With so many benefits to be gained, a new design is well worth your while in thinking about.

Achieve your perfect office layout with Oaktree Interiors

If you’re thinking about improving your own office fit out, why not allow Oaktree Interiors to help? Our office fit out experts hold a vast experience in the industry, over 30 years in fact. As such, we have built up a unique understanding of the different trends of office design and how they relate to the modern workforce. As we are living in a world where branding is vital, we can say that there has been no better time than now, to express what your business is all about, to interested clients and employees alike.

To get more of an insight in to some of the projects we’ve worked on, check out our extensive case study library. Organisable by industry and office size, they provide the perfect example of what we can achieve for you.

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