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It can be easy to assume that the future of the workplace lies solely in remote working; technology has made it easier for us to perform tasks from virtually anywhere we please, after all. So, what is the point in us actually going into work? Why should a business bother with thinking about how an office interior design is set up when the place will be scarcely used anyway?

As individuals, we value sociality. Being gregarious helps to build friendships, trust and loyalties with others. This allows us to be more creative, leading to us producing better-defined work, delivering better results for clients and improving the reputation of the business (and its bank balance). Put simply, social spaces will make up much of the workplace in years to come; so how can a business prepare for it?

Creating an office interior design for the future

Whilst the need for working and meeting spaces won't abate any time soon, it's important to get the office design right to allow people to feel comfortable at work. But what will this workplace of the future look like? Here are some ideas:


The set-up of a building has a great effect on people. As we work in the same environment for most of the day, for the majority of the week, it's no real surprise that the comfort, atmosphere and functionalities of our workplaces play heavily into how we perform at work. More than ever before, people are choosing their job based on office interior design.

Put simply, the future of work and the future of talent attraction (and retention) will depend on how well a business can create a 'memorable experience' for its employees; people have come to expect a certain level of amenities and services to be available.

This doesn't necessarily mean that every business should be having a similar 'fun house' vibe as what the likes of Facebook and Google do, it's more about 'having the right tools' to equip employees for their working days. This can include breakout rooms for them to collaborate and hold informal meetings, quiet rooms for them to recollect and refocus their thoughts, kitchen areas for them to prepare healthy meals and yes, even a cafe/bar area for them to socialise and unwind with colleagues.

The key thing to remember is that spaces that set employees up with everything they need to take ownership of how they work are more likely to make them feel comfortable.


The workplace of the future will have to be sustainable; not just to attract and retain new generations of environmentally aware talent, but also to ensure that there is actually a future to work in! Using recyclable and natural materials is very much in vogue in modern interior design for that reason; they offer a fantastic way for properties to contribute to the protection of the environment and the ongoing growth of a circular economy. Not only that, but using materials such as stone and wood in the design of the office will look fantastic and help connect people to nature; providing an additional boost their wellbeing at work.


The workplaces of the future will need to be adaptable. As change accelerates, success is fast-becoming linked to a company's ability to cater for change. This willingness to be adaptable can be shown in office interior design; private offices can incorporate elements of a co-working space by making use of moveable furniture, for example.

The bottom line is that as where we work is becoming increasingly flexible, it will need to continue to do so in order to meet the changing needs of the workforce; including those who prefer to work remotely.

Those were three key areas that the workplace of the future will consist of; if you're interested in improving your own office interiors for the coming years, whether to raise productivity, provide inspiration and/or reflect the brand of your company, why not consider getting in touch with the expert office fitters here at Oaktree Interiors?

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