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If you're relocating to a new building, or if you would like to upgrade the current office design of your business. It can be very helpful to speak to an office interiors professional and enquire about a professional service for office design. The talented team at Oaktree Interiors can provide a wide range of services including office design in Winnersh, Slough, and other places in the Berkshire area.

What are the advantages of professional office design services?

Professional office design services can be utilised to improve your business' office environment in a variety of different ways. For example, you could redesign your place of work to create an office interior that matches your business' branding, you could utilise office design services to create a working environment that provides guests with a good first impression of your business, or you could utilise professional office design services to improve office productivity or improve employee wellbeing.

  • Create an office interior that matches your business' branding

When designing a new workplace or redesigning your current office environment, it is important that your office interiors match the branding of your business.

This includes things such as making sure that your colour scheme in the office matches your business' colour scheme, but also includes other things such as the office space itself. For example, if your business is very health focused, including a large kitchen area with a selection of healthy snacks could be a great way to include your business' personality to the office environment. Additionally, you could utilise a professional office furniture service to choose some fantastic ergonomic furniture to provide your employees with a comfortable place to sit whilst they work.

However, you could also design your office interiors to match your business' brand through your use of colour. Indeed you could simply choose a colour scheme that matches the colour on your business' website or business cards. However, you could also look at what different colours mean and the impact specific colours could have on your business. For example, if your business is associated with passion, energy, and creativity, you could include the colour red in your colour scheme. Perhaps you could choose some red coloured furniture, or perhaps you could include red flowers in your office environment.

  • Design an office environment that creates a good first impression

If your business frequently welcomes visitors to the office, perhaps for client meetings or employee interviews, you'll need to make sure that your office provides visitors with a good first impression.

There are numerous different things that make up a good first impression. For example, you could create a wonderful meeting room to welcome guests to your work environment. This could include lots of comfortable furniture so that your guests can relax whilst their wait for any appointments that they have. Additionally you might want to include some other features such as Smartphone chargers, a selection of healthy snacks, or perhaps some vending machines for hot or cold drinks so guests can enjoy refreshments whilst they wait.

Also, with regards to a meeting room, it is very important that the meeting room is kept well maintained. If the room looks like it needs to be repainted or cleaned, then it could affect a guest’s first impression of your business. However, it is important to remember that a meeting room isn’t the only thing that you need to consider with regards to making a good first impression. For example, you should consider the accessibility of your business. Is your office environment accessible to wheelchair-users or those with difficulty walking?

  • Improve office productivity and employee wellbeing

Many businesses are searching for ways that they could improve the productivity of their workplace. However, have you considered the impact that an improved office design could have on your business?

For example, with a professional office design service from Oaktree Interiors, our talented team could create a breakout room which could increase employee productivity. Indeed, creating a room designated for employee breaks could be a fantastic choice for a variety of different businesses. Not only does it provide your employees with a relaxing environment in which they can gather their thoughts on a short break, but it also creates a room in which employees can hold informal meetings.

Another example of a way that you could work to improve employee productivity is to optimise the layout of your office environment. Indeed, an unorganised office could lead to a decrease in productivity. As such it is very important that you consider the space within your office and make the most out of the space that is available to you. If you’re unsure how to make the best out of the available space in your office environment, speak to Oaktree Interiors and our friendly team will be happy to help.

With regards to employee wellbeing there are numerous things that you could do, for example you could include some ergonomic furniture, or perhaps include more plants in your office.

With regards to including more plants in the workplace, this could be as simple as asking employees to bring some of their favourite plants to decorate their desks. However, if you wanted to bring nature into your workplace, perhaps you could add a living wall to your office.

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