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When your current office environment is no longer fit for purpose, the decision to refurbish your workplace with an office refurbishment service, or relocate and design a new office environment with an office space planning service can be a difficult decision to make.

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Should you refurbish your office?

It can often be a difficult decision to make, every business is different and as such every business requires a service that meets their unique needs.

Oaktree Interiors provide both office space planning and refurbishment services, but we do not have a 'house style'. Every proposal we create is unique; designed to meet your business' needs.

Three advantages of office refurbishment services

We understand that this decision can be difficult to make, so here's a quick list of three advantages of refurbishing your office utilising a professional refurbishment service from the Oaktree Interiors team.

  • Improve first impressions
    If your business frequently welcomes clients or customers to visit your premises, you'll need to make sure that your office environment provides any visitors with a comfortable and pleasant experience.

    A refurbishment service could provide you with a fantastic opportunity to create a meeting room. This gives your business a specialised place to meet with clients or potential employees. You could even create a waiting room using partitioning. Inside this room you could place comfortable chairs, a hot drinks machine, some healthy snacks, and perhaps even a Smartphone charger.

    Indeed, it is also important that your business' office environment is 'on brand' and reflects the company ethos. For example, your choice of colour could enhance a specific mood within employees or visitors. Did you know that many people believe that the colour orange is associated with self-confidence, communication, and optimism? Whereas the colour blue is often considered a thought provoking colour; it is also thought of as an authoritative, confident, and a reliable colour.

  • Maximise the use of the available space
    When refurbishing your place of work, you have a fantastic opportunity to modify your working environment to maximise the use of the space that is available. Perhaps you could transform your office environment from an open plan office into a collection of private office spaces, or transform private offices into a large open plan office.

    Both open plan and private office spaces have their advantages and disadvantages and as such you will have to consider which office layout will be the most appropriate for your workforce and which layout will boost productivity. For example, open plan offices can be fantastic for collaboration, but they can also be very noisy. Whereas on the other hand, private offices can provide employees with quiet space to work in privacy, however they could cause communication issues and make collaboration difficult.

    Additionally, the opportunity to maximise the use of space is also an opportunity to increase the amount of natural light that enters the working environment. Whilst it is indeed very important that your workplace is well-lit and has high quality artificial lighting, it is also very important that there is a good amount of natural light in your office. Natural light offers a much wider spectrum and as such it can make it easier for people to see. Additionally, there have been studies which show that productivity improves with natural light. So if you would like to refurbish your workplace in order to boost productivity, consider the ways that you can increase the amount of natural light that enters the working area.

  • A refurbishment is an opportunity to upgrade furniture
    The furniture within your workplace is very important. In addition to being a fantastic tool to help create a great first impression, it is also very important with regards to employee wellbeing and employee productivity.

    Indeed, as discussed in a previous blog “Office Furniture and Its Effects On The Productivity Produced In The Office" poor quality chairs can lead to discomfort, which can distract employees and reduce office productivity. However, low quality chairs can also potentially cause long-term back, shoulder, and neck injuries, which could lead to staff slowing down, or potentially taking time off work as a result of these injuries. It is also a possibility “that due to such injuries, some employees may seek employment elsewhere, costing you a talented staff member with much to offer."

Professional office interior services in London, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, and Kent

With nearly 30 years of experience providing businesses with professional office interiors services, you can enjoy peace of mind with a professional office refurbishment service from Oaktree Interiors.

In addition to professional refurbishment services, our talented team of office fitters in London can provide office interior services such as office interior design, office space planning, and workplace consultancy.

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