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Wherever you're reading this, have a look around. What do your surroundings say to you? Are you present in an environment that is comfortable and inspirational, or somewhere that seems dull and uninspiring? Imagine if you work there for 7 hours a day; 'dull and 'uninspiring' are the last feelings you'll want to have.

Often, the feelings we experience in our office interiors are down to how the immediate environment is decorated. Wallpaper and wall coverings aren't just items we place on a wall for artistic effect; they are designed to give a 'voice' to the room, summing up the thoughts, feelings and styles of the people who operate there.

Fundamentally, the composition of the decor can have a big impact on how the business is perceived, as well as how its people are able to work. In this blog, we're going to take a closer look at the impact of wallpaper in office design, and give you some tips on what to choose in order to produce that positive working atmosphere.

Choosing the right wallpaper for your office interiors

With some research and know-how, any office can be turned from a dull environment into one that is productive and inspiring; here are some tips on choosing the right wallpaper for your office interiors:

Who's it for? Will the office play host to clients, or is it just for the people who work there? This is an important point to consider because creating a space to appeal to external people is different from how you may want it to work for your staff.

If you are creating a client-friendly, branded office, then you should ensure that any patterns, colours or shapes you use match the brand of the company. Clients would expect the workplace of a professional business to showcase itself in the same manner as the promotional materials that got them interested in its services/products in the first place.


If you don't have any particular branding themes, think about linking your decor with the industry you're in; any company involved with health and wellness will want to showcase a more natural and 'outdoorsy' environment. A publishing company would be at home in a vibrant, book-themed office, etc.

Providing a mood boost. The ability of wallpaper to create feelings within office interiors using its texture, pattern and colours can also provide a mood boost and a sense of belonging to anyone who enters the workplace. Ideal to get them focused and ready to produce great work!

What feelings do you want to reflect? One of the major things to think about when choosing the colours and patterns of your office wallpaper is, how will it affect employees? If you want to cut down on distractions, then it's best to stay away from elaborate patterns and go for muted shades instead.

It's worth knowing that colour has an impact on our thinking and wellbeing . For example, blue and green are seen as 'natural colours' and evoke a sense of calmness, whereas orange may help to boost creativity. Depending on your personal tastes and requirements, you may find thatyou prefer a certain colour scheme, but always ensure that it works alongside your employees, rather than takes their attention away.

Using wallpaper as a productive tool. Using wallpaper in office interiors is a great way to customise your environment, further helping to create the ideal productive atmosphere for your work. This is why you should think about using office wallpaper as a tool when choosing its style and texture; it can help to make a big room feel smaller, enhancing the focus on a specific task. In smaller rooms, it can make them seem larger, opening up new creative windows for your employees.

Those are just a few ideas on choosing the right wallpaper for your office interiors. If you're thinking about seeking the services of a professional office design company to help you to make all the right choices, then look no further than the experienced team here at Oaktree Interiors.

Create your ideal office environment, with Oaktree Interiors

The team here at Oaktree have been carrying out office fit out work for well over 30 years now, building up a leading service that is well located to serve the growing business communities around the south east of England.

Our work has seen us serve a wide range of clients, of all sizes and industries. The only constant, is that they all have their own individual preferences when choosing what comprises their ideal interiors (as itshould be!) Why not take a look at our case studies section in which we showcase a number of our recent office designs?

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