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If you're thinking about undertaking an office refurbishment in Guildford in order to improve the functioning of your workplace, have you ever considered how you use your available space? So often businesses will possess space that they don't use; not only will this mean that they're paying for empty space, it also means that they're possibly missing out utilising it for other means. Being able to account for every square foot of your floor space will mean that you'll be able to cater for new technologies, meet the expectations of a modern workforce, plan for future expansion and of course, get better value for money.

Saving space in your office refurbishment In Guildford

It’s probably fair to say that the industrial revolution invented organised workplaces as a concept; factories would be built in order to house people who undertook work, creating products in a repetitive manner at maximum possible speeds (‘productivity’). Later came the assembly line, which simplified the manufacturing process and presented the opportunity for the rate of productivity to grow. The factory was reorganised so every available space could be used more efficiently; the more workers that could be accommodated, the higher the rate of productivity. The simpler the manufacturing process, the more products workers could produce; this same philosophy was transferred to what we now call ‘the office’.

Things have slightly changed in office design in the last 200 years; although any decent office refurbishment in Guildford is still designed to raise productivity levels, technology has completely changed our ways of working. We no longer have to sit at the same desk every day; the advent of wireless communications allows us more flexibility in the office, meaning that the traditional desking set-ups can be adapted to a customised set-up that would suit the business and the working practices of its employees in a more favourable way.

The same can be said for the workspace itself. No longer do businesses have to ‘make do’ with the space that they’re given; empty spaces can be transformed to serve the business in new and innovative ways. Whether that’s through the creation of a ‘soft area’ that allows employees to work more comfortably or anything like a breakout area, a games room, bar area...there is no limit to the possibilities.

Using the space more effectively

Before you plan your office refurbishment in Guildford, here are some great ways you can use the available space effectively:

  • Flexible working areas. With technology dictating the way offices are designed, this will allow you to give your employees more control over their working day. Whilst a collaborative environment offered by an open plan working area is great to foster teamwork and a great in-office atmosphere, sometimes individuals will need quiet time to get on with their work. Using additional space to ‘zone’ the workplace is a great idea as it will give employees the opportunity to take that ownership of how they work; whether that’s in that open plan area, a more quiet area or even in a comfortable area in which they can take their computer with them (and even make a cup of tea!)
  • Meeting rooms. If you need to host any clients as part of your business, then being able to have your own meeting facilities will cast a positive reflection upon your company. They’ll be able to see your office at work and if they’re able to walk into an environment that is unique and well-organised, that will inform their impression of the services you offer.
  • Breakout rooms. The inclusion of breakout rooms in an office design is not just becoming more-and-more common in office refurbishment in Guildford, but pretty much around the world. Forward-thinking businesses have understood that productivity and quality of work cannot be combined just by forcing someone to sit at their desks; quality performance needs to be nurtured, not forced. As such, a breakout room offers a sanctuary of sorts from different spells of the working day, when the employee feels unproductive and frustrated. It’s a room, located away from the working arena that can give them the opportunity to relax and to reflect. It can even be used to host informal meetings in a less-pressurised environment.
  • Kitchen areas. A kitchen area will give employees the facilities to prepare their own foods, which can only help them to consider healthy recipe options (instead of expensive fast food alternatives!) The additional benefit to having a kitchen area is that it works in a similar way as a breakout room; namely getting people together in an informal environment. This will give them the opportunity to chat about things that don’t necessarily have anything to do with work; helping to foster a genuine spirit and creating relationships that would be of benefit to their existence in work.

Bespoke office design by Oaktree Interiors

If you are indeed looking to improve your current workplace with a bespoke office refurbishment in Guildford, then you’ve found the right place here at Oaktree Interiors. We have a proven track record of creating unique and innovative office designs for many different companies, in a variety of industries. No matter your requirements, our experienced professional office designers and fitters are able to make your perfect interiors into a reality.

To learn more, please give us a call on 0345 21 86955, or alternatively, you can send an e-mail to us at hello@oaktreeoffice.com

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