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It can be easy to assume, looking to the sky and seeing the large purpose-built office blocks of our towns and cities, that the modern workplace is an artificial environment. In fact, many businesses are taking a more 'eco-friendly' approach to their office design; creating natural, 'outdoorsy' environments in their buildings in order to connect their employees better to nature and good health.

Why is eco-friendly office design important?

You can't help but to have noticed that in recent years,there has been a drive in many sectors of society to think more about the effect we have on the planet. Being more eco-friendly by recycling, reusing and re-purposing materials helps many offices to save on costs and will ultimately be of great benefit to future generations.

Another aspect to eco-friendly office design is that it meets the innate desire of us humans to feel a connection with the natural world that exists outside.

As products of nature ourselves, it stands to sense that we would. It's been suggested that without experiencing this contact, we will feel disconnected with the environments we exist in, heavily affecting our well being, mental and physical health, as well as our in-work productivity.These are just two reasons why many businesses are turning to eco-friendly office design.

Three tips on creating a sustainable, eco-friendly office design

If you are responsible for a business and are looking to transform the effectiveness of its office design, why not consider taking a more eco-friendly approach? Here are some tips on creating such an environment:

1. Design for...energy efficiency. The top priority for any building wishing to have a sustainable office design must be to reduce energy consumption and waste. If (as a planet) we don't waste energy,we'll have more to use in the future (and don't forget less energy usage means lower bills too!), so it makes total sense to be energy efficient. So when designing your eco-friendly office, take into account how you currently use the heating, air conditioning, lighting and water systems.

Can their operations be improved? Even something like replacing your existing lighting with energy efficient light bulbs or LEDs can have a huge impact on your power usage.

Speaking of LED lighting; thanks to its ability to shine an almost limitless spectrum of light, they offer the ideal lighting solution for any business who wants to set a more 'natural feel' within the workplace. Too many offices use outdated lighting that shines just a single shade of light down on their employees for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week; not helpful for concentration.

Creating big window displays is also a must for any eco-friendly office; exposure to sunlight and the outdoors have proven to have psychological benefits,helping employees to perform at their best. So during the day, why not use the natural light outside and then allow the LEDs to pick up the light if/when it goes dark outside? You'll be using less power, saving money AND helping employees to experience a more natural in-work existence, potentially leading to better work being created.

2. Design with...sustainable materials. The increased awareness around the need for sustainability has lead to furniture designers and manufacturers to find creative new ways to re-purpose old furniture, effectively making use of recycled materials. By choosing re-purposed, reusable, recycled (or recyclable)materials, you'll be creating an eco-friendly solution for your office design. Not only does this help the environment by cutting down on landfill, you may also find it saves money too.

3. Design with...the outdoors in mind. Perhaps the most 'obvious' way to connect employees with nature is by bringing the outdoors to them. Ergonomic design refers to the practice of creating environments that respond to the people that use them, using natural elements to do so.

One particularly popular ergonomic design method is the use of 'living walls' that see office interiors covered with plants, which are grown with their own hydroponics system. A beautifully designed living wall will transform the look of any room, adding a natural colour and texture that doesn't go out of style. Plants can also provide a better air quality, of course, which helps to provide a healthier, more sustainable environment.

Consider an eco-friendly workplace design from Oaktree Interiors

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we have decades of experience in creating bespoke work spaces for our clients. As the years have worn on, we have seen an increasing number of our clients recognise the need for their work environments to be more in touch with nature; helping their employees in their work and protecting the larger environment too.

If you would like to learn more about eco-friendly office design, or on anything regarding your workplace interiors, we will be happy to discuss this with you. Please give us a call on 0345 21 86955 or alternatively, send an e-mail enquiries to hello@oaktreeoffice.com

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