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Being a leading provider of office fitouts in London, a particular point that we constantly communicate is that all businesses can benefit from having their own bespoke workplace interiors. From the big, multinational companies that need to serve hundreds of residential or visiting employees, to the small, localised businesses with a workforce size that would struggle to field a five-a-side team. Even new start-ups can benefit from custom-built office design too.

How start-up office fit outs in London benefit from bespoke design

You've got your innovative entrepreneurial idea developed and ready to turn into a fully-fledged start-up. You've got the funding in place, identified and procured the right staff and you've identified the ideal office space – now it's time to move in.

Whoa there! Before you take up residence,it's always important to keep in mind that even though you've got your vital working elements in place, you're still far from finished. How the space inside of your office is designed plays heavily into how people are able to work and whether they feel inspired and catered for. They can even leave a favourable impression on any visitors or clients that you need to serve.

It should go without saying that London is one of the largest business centres in the world, therefore competition for employees and clients is extremely high. Talented people who can help to bring success to your business and the clients (who are interested in the products your talents can create), will expect to deal with an innovative, forward-thinking company.

Add into this, the fact that a good portion of Millennials, the soon-to-be largest generational group in the workplace, are starting to choose where they work based on the quality of the interiors,makes great office fitouts in London a must for any business wanting to establish themselves and grow.

So where to start with your start-up's design?

Getting your new office design up and running

If you're thinking about establishing a bespoke-designed office for your new start-up, here are a few tips to help you on your way:

  • Collaborate with staff to plan out the space. As you're envisioning how your ideal office fitout will look, and what it will contain, you will benefit from having input from the people who will be working alongside you. Your employees will be able to give helpful and valuable insight into what they want and need in order for them to be efficient and to feel inspired. Such things may include their preferred equipment, furniture, breakout rooms and other amenities.

Aside from allowing them the opportunity to shape the design of the workplace around how they would like to work (thus making them feel more of a part of the company), seeking the opinion of your employees may provide insights and suggestions that you may have not thought about before.

  • Think about potential growth. The clue is in the name 'start-up'; you're at the start of your business journey and therefore, growth will be a sign of success.Can your space cope with the demand though? Whilst there may be a point when you would move offices and into a new space, it isn't realistic to do so every time you need to expand by five or ten people – the disruption and monetary cost alone would be difficult to justify (especially seeing how office fitouts in London are already prime real estate). A great way to allow for growth and keep to the same location would be to design your office fitout with expansion in mind.

So when you're outfitting your office at the start, allow for incremental changes to be made in order to comfortably expand at a rate that suits the business. Just because you have space at the start to create a huge storage area or to give employees generously-sized workstations, doesn't mean you should. Understanding the total capacity of the space and how it can comfortably fit in everyone and everything when it's used to its maximum, is the template to start from.

  • Give your space its own identity. Whilst the vital aspects of your office design is how it helps with productivity and functionality, the space also symbolises the brand of your business, its culture and overall feeling. As such, you would want to identify ways to create a space that reflects the ethos of the company.

A great way to cost-effectively bring the culture of your company to life is by decorating the spaces in its promotional colours or by using colour theory to evoke different feelings in different people. Instead of a boring uniform space, you can create something that provides inspiration or fun for employees and visitors (whilst still supplementing the productivity purpose of your office interiors).

  • Be flexible. As your start-up establishes itself, there will be changes that will need to be made quickly; whether it's due to internal matters or transformations within your industry. Therefore,it is important to roll with these changes and be open to constant adaptation, experimenting to find out what works and what doesn't.

Perfect for this (as well as to meet the aforementioned expansion) is establishing an agile office design. This is a design method that continues the theme of allowing employees an input into how they're able to work, using the space to give them multiple options. When changes need to be made, such flexibility is perfect to easily and quickly adapt to whatever is required.

Those are just a few things to think about for start-ups wishing to create their own bespoke office fit outs in London. If you're interested in creating such a space or want to improve the design of your current workplace interiors, why not consider getting in touch with us here at Oaktree Interiors?

Get in touch with us to learn about bespoke workplace design

No matter your particular needs or budget, we are able to use our leading experience of creating office fitouts in London to help your business establish a bespoke-designed office that will meet the challenges presented by the expectations of employees and clients alike.

If you would like to learn more about how your business could benefit from intelligent office design,please feel to get in touch with us by calling 0345 21 86955. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to hello@oaktreeoffice.com and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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