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If you’ve recognised that you’ve outgrown your current office, then congratulations must be in order because it means that your business is being successful! In order to progress further, meeting the demand your talented team has created, then a relocation is an absolute must. Not only will establishing a new location and commercial interior design help to cater for the growth, it will also help to facilitate further expansion beyond that, giving the business further targets to reach for in the future.

Office relocation though isn’t as simple as picking the right office in a good location for a favourable rental rate, there are other aspects to think about before you go ahead and sign on the dotted line. In this blog, we’re going to look at them and give you some tips on achieving them.

Oaktree Interiors: Experts in commercial interior design

Having helped many of our clients to relocate to a new office with a brand-new commercial interior design in place, we at Oaktree Interiors are well-placed to offer advice and expertise on this issue.

It’s only natural that a company and its staff may have grown used to their current offices; be that the general setup of the interiors, through to the building being in a favourable location, in the centre of town with amenities around, or just off the motorway, providing easy access. It’s important to understand though that once that ‘overgrown feeling’ starts to manifest, you must be able to realise that a relocation will keep the business moving forward. Growing may cause headaches but it is a sign of success and like all decisions in business, it will need much thought.

Relocating your office: Our tips

Before you go ahead and make arrangements for your move, here are some things to think about first:

  • The budget can rise exponentially when relocating your office. Whether it’s through delays, oversights or any building issues cropping up unexpectedly. The project manager will be responsible for budget management, which will include all aspects of commercial interior design. Therefore setting a budget for the project is one thing, sticking to it is another. If you don’t choose to go with a reputable office design company, then hidden costs may possibly come into play.
  • Before the move, you may find that you need to undertake a brand-new commercial interior design within the new property in order for it to better cater to the requirements of your workforce. Ideally, the new environment will be flexible enough to lend itself to the individual needs of each employee; doing this will help to make their experience at work more comfortable, and being comfortable will mean positivity at work, which is a major factor in upping productivity levels. Plus as the home of the business, it should be reflecting its philosophies and branding. Ever moved house and not redecorated or introduced new things in order to put your personality on the place?
  • On a similar theme, what will you do about your existing office furniture? Whilst it might be the case that employees have gotten used to the furniture in the current office, moving to a new one will allow you the perfect opportunity to think about replacing this set up with new items that better cater for each employee’s individual needs. This will further help to create that comfortable and company-branded, communicative work environment you’re striving for.
  • Who needs to know you’re moving offices? Communicating your move well in advance will help to make the transition much easier. Whether it’s clients, suppliers, landlords, the bank, insurance company or anyone else, letting people know you’re moving beforehand won’t just allow them to update their records, it’ll also save plenty of time in doing it just prior, during or after the move when you’ve got umpteenth other things to be doing and thinking about.
  • You’ve got your furniture sorted but what about all the electrical and mechanical infrastructure needed for the business to operate? Again, this presents an opportunity to think about if the current setup needs replacing; is it more beneficial to introduce flexible wireless IT systems, for example? Due to the design of your new building, it’s likely that you’ll need to rethink the current setup anyway; along with a new commercial interior design you can even introduce new elements to the layout of your office; ever fancied implementing a hot desking set-up to cater for an increasingly flexible workforce? With the right technology and office design in place to do so, you can.
  • In order to pull off a seamless move, one that will get everything and everyone functioning from the moment the door is opened on the new office’s first day you should have a moving plan in place. Having a structured plan in place is vital in order to ensure that there is little disruption caused to the business. With so much to be already thinking about, undertaking the move yourself will take up much time, so why not allow a professional office fit out company to help?

Find your ideal office, in the ideal location with Oaktree Interiors

If you've indeed recognised that your business has outgrown your current offices, then why not allow the professional commercial interior design team here at Oaktree help? We have many years of experience in not just creating modern office fit outs for a wide range of businesses and industries, but we also specialise in relocation; helping our clients to find the ideal facility from which to grow even further.

Please browse our website for further information about our services. If you would like to speak to us directly to learn more, why not get in touch with us today? Give us a call on 0345 21 86955 or send an e-mail to hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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