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The common sight of most offices is one of stationary desks, arranged in a uniform format for a workforce with different requirements. However, a new image is emerging; a picture of flexibility that is better suited to meeting those requirements.

The ultimate goal of office design and space planning is to create an environment that is comfortable for the employee, somewhere that offers them inspiration and all of the tools they need to create their work. In turn, this should raise productivity and a productivity increase means the business can grow. The more a business grows, the more successful it is…you get the picture.

So in order to be successful, the business must be able to give each of its employees a bespoke space to operate in. With each employee, come different demands and requirements. A flexible approach to office design is key to this, and a great place to start would be the standing desk.

What is a standing desk? How does it help with flexible office design and space planning?

An adjustable item of office furniture, a standing desk takes advantage of ergonomics to give the user the opportunity to amend the height of the desk to a level that suits them. Not only does this allow them to find their perfect comfort level that is key in increasing productivity, it will also give the company scope to employ office design and space planning tactics such as 'hot desking'.

So what are the benefits of a standing desk?

Did you know that the benefits of standing more at work include:

  • Lowers the risk of weight gain. Let’s get the health jargon out of the way; weight gain happens because we take in more calories than we burn. This is why it’s always important to include exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle; cutting down on the amount of food you eat alone won’t lose you weight, you actually need calories to provide you with energy, so vastly cutting down on them in counterintuitive.

    With the office being the place where the vast majority of employees spend their weeks in, it’s important to think about the impact that it may have on their health. Standing means that you’re being more active; you’ll be using your body more to stand upright. As such, it’s likely that standing for long periods during the day (as well as being able to move around more freely) will help to burn more calories, lowering the risk of weight gain.
  • May lower the risk of heart disease. The notion of ‘sitting less will lower the risk of heart disease’ is nothing new, in fact it was first mentioned as far back as the 1950’s, when a study revealed that conductors on London buses were less likely to have heart attacks than their driver colleagues. Exercise giving the heart the room to perform as it should. Something to think about when considering your office design and space planning?
  • Gains a better posture and reduces back pain. Standing more will give you an opportunity to correct your posture and relieve back pain too. Whilst there are some fantastic modern office chairs out there that are designed to support the back, they still put the body in a restrictive position. Standing up for longer periods will provide the space for you to correct your posture and to take pressure off the back, resulting in less pain.

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