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You will have probably heard all about King Arthur and his round table; the meeting arena in which the legendary leader of the Britons gathered with his knights to discuss matters of state. The shape of the table,with its lack of head and no sides, ensured that no single member (even the King) was sitting in a 'privileged' position.

This shape allows everyone to sit as equals, creating feelings of openness at meetings, increasing collaboration, ultimately leading to a clearer (better) plan. It's no surprise to learn then, that in search of creating more avenues to lead the company to success, this idea of the 'round table' is something that businesses have adopted in their office interiors in London.

In this blog, we're going to delve deeper into their effects, explaining why round tables (and the spaces they exist in) may just help a business to find the holy grail of collaboration.

Round tables: The holy grail of productive office interiors in London?

The versatility of tables are there for all to see; they can encourage and support a wide range of activities through their design.This means that, along with the immediate environment that surrounds it, the set-up of a table can dictate the tone of conversation and the nature of the discussion that takes place

It's important to separate what rooms within the office are designed for formal and informal meetings, as each will require different-shaped tables. For example, the traditional conference room with its larger area and multiple seats are more formal settings, with the shape of the table and the seating arrangement denoting hierarchy. AGM's, client meetings or job interviews are examples of meeting types that require a formal setting, in which hierarchy needs to be made clear.

Such a space won't be ideal to host team members who need to work together on a project though. This is why informal meeting spaces, such as touchdown and breakout areas are becoming increasingly commonplace in modern office interiors in London. They allow people to gather in a comfortable, relaxing space that provides a much less intimidating and stressful atmosphere than a formal meeting room or their usual desk, even. With the addition of a round table in such spaces, it will allow teams to work closely together. Figuratively and literally.

The collaborative benefits of employees working closely together

The key to collaboration is conversation between people. Different viewpoints from different areas of the business will spark ideas and creativity, helping people to understand how they are able to achieve the task at hand.

The idea of the round table is great at facilitating conversation but if that round table is massive and present in a huge space,that spark needed to foster those ideas and creativity will not catch light.People sat far away from each other are less likely to communicate, physical closeness therefore, is vital.

The great thing about areas that have been given over to collaborative working is that they won't necessarily take up much space in the building and are flexible in their construction. This allows the business to design the perfectly-sized collaborative zone that can take advantage of the latest tech (such as wireless internet connections) and give any number of people the opportunity to sit on the round tables to work together. Need to expand or downsize the office? This won't be an issue with a flexible collaborative area.

Ultimately, it is how the office is designed that will have the ultimate bearing on whether it provides the ideal collaborative environment. Just like King Arthur, a wise business recognises that they must gather expert help to find the holy grail (of collaboration). If you're looking to improve the effectiveness of your office interiors in London, why not consider their effects for yourself?

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