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At the heart of every successful work environment, there are a number of key aspects that need to be finely balanced. Not every workplace or employee is the same, however; there is no uniform solution to creating successful office interiors. Although it may seem that each successful workspace contains the same key aspects, the levels at which they're balanced needs to be unique to the business it serves; it should be able to meet the individual requirements of everyone (and everything) who operate within it.

In this blog, we're going to be taking a look at some of these key aspects, explaining why they are important concepts for any business, before they consider shaping them to meet whatever their demands dictate.

Important spaces within office interiors.

If you’re thinking about taking a more bespoke approach to the design of your offices, here are some key areas within office interiors that can be adapted to how your business (and employees) operate:

  • Open plan space. Many offices will already be using open plan space to house their workforce. It is designed to bring down the literal (and metaphorical) barriers between workers to create better lines of communication between them, leaving them feeling less isolated and able to strike up a rapport with their fellows. This increase in collaboration will help to refine the work they create, as they will feel that they’re able to ask for help and advice easily.
  • Quiet working space. Of course, not everyone will be comfortable working in a collaborative environment all of the time; sometimes we need that isolation in order to get on with the work in hand. So how can we combine the two? Setting up a quiet working area will afford workers somewhere to perform their duties without being disturbed and furthermore, those who are collaborating will be able to do so without having to worry if they are affecting anyone else by chatting about their work.
  • Breakout space. Regardless of the set-up of the workspace, if someone is stuck on a particular task, stress will rear its head. This is why many forward-thinking businesses are including a breakout space within their office interiors. This is an area that allows employees to detach themselves away from that stressful work arena and go somewhere else, somewhere to refresh and reflect, or simply to take their mind off work for a bit. This will help them to calm their thoughts, collect them and rearrange them into a positive formation for when the time comes to return to work. Feeling better, they are more likely to get over what was restricting them before, whereas staying in that stressful environment probably would not have helped.
  • Resource space. Whilst many offices are increasingly moving towards a ‘paperless’ office, a business may still require to hold physical information. This can pose questions about storage, which poses questions about space, which then poses questions about the features that an office can include in its design. One of the major benefits of a paperless working space is that it is free of clutter and the information they need is organised and thus, easy to find. This is why it’s important for a space to be set aside to hold physical records and the open office areas to be kept free of clutter; resource areas in office interiors can house all the physical information and tools a worker may need, whether it’s stationery, photocopiers or printers (as well as the information they need to access).
  • Touchdown Space. Although similar to a breakout space in that it offers an ultra-comfortable area away from the working arena, a touchdown space is designed for work. It gives an employee the option of using the flexibility of modern technology to do their tasks, to undertake informal meetings, even to interview potential employees. In fact, it can be used to give any great talent the impression that the business is easy-going and cares about the welfare and working practices of its employees. In the end, this impression could be the deciding factor in them choosing to work for (and staying at) the company.

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