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Office interiors and commercial interior design can be difficult and challenging for many people to understand. However, the Oaktree team have nearly 30 years of industry experience, so if you need a professional interior solution for office refurbishment or space planning, get in touch with our friendly team by calling 0345 2186955.

The importance of comfort in commercial interior design

Whilst there are numerous factors to consider with regards to office design and interior design, it is very important that you do not forget about comfort. Indeed, if your employees are not comfortable in their working area, productivity could suffer, resulting in poor motivation, poor performance, which could impact your bottom line.

So, if your workplace needs a boost to its office design, call Oaktree Interiors. Our talented team of office interior professionals in Berkshire can provide a variety of different services to rejuvenate your workplace; transforming it into a comfortable working environment where you and your employees can thrive.

Comfort and productivity

Many businesses are searching for new ways that they can boost the productivity of their employees. One method that could bring your business a surge of productivity is to redesign your working environment with an emphasis on comfort. Indeed, discomfort may be distracting; actively hindering the productivity of your employees. Can you afford to leave your employees distracted for large portions of the day, simply because the office environment makes them feel uncomfortable?

In research, Steelcase found that 85% of workers experience discomfort on the job, however perhaps more alarming is that 37% of workers felt like they weren’t performing their best as a result of discomfort.

So how can you alter your office design to enhance feelings of comfort in the workplace?

Increasing comfort in your office environment

If you would like to increase wellbeing in your office environment, you’ll have to consider the following comfort variables.

  • Temperature
    The temperature of a workplace can be very distracting. If your place of work suffers from summers with open windows, fans roaring, and employees complaining about the heat; you might want to consider an office refurbishment solution that includes air conditioning.

    However, if you find that your issues are centred on the winter months, with employees complaining about the cold temperature of the office. It might be a good idea to upgrade your office heating.

  • Furniture
    The items of furniture in your office indeed play a major role in workplace comfort. High quality ergonomic chairs are very powerful tools to increase the comfort of your employees. Additionally, sit/stand desks can also be fantastic choices as they give your staff the option to sit or stand whilst working.

    However, office furniture is not merely limited to desks and chairs. You can also consider items of office furniture such as cabinets and other items of storage furniture.

    The Oaktree Interiors team has a vast experience with regards to office furnishing solutions. In addition to things such as ergonomics, we also consider the visual impact of furniture; how it will affect first impressions of any visitors.

  • Lighting
    Your office lighting can have a very large impact on the overall comfort of your employees. If the lighting is too strong or too weak, it could cause some discomfort whilst members of staff are carrying out their daily tasks.

    One solution to this potential issue is to include a variety of different lighting options, such as desk lamps and dimmable office lighting, thus giving your employees control regarding the amount of light in their workspace. Employees who prefer to work in dimmer light can turn the lights down, whereas those who prefer to work in well-lit areas can increase the amount of light in their workspace.

    However, whilst there are lots of fantastic choices for artificial lighting in the office environment, you should also consider the importance of natural light. In a previous blog we discussed the idea of introducing daylight sensors into your workplace. These sensors would detect if the amount of natural light is sufficient, or if artificial lighting is needed, which in addition to providing a good balance of natural and artificial light, it could also save you money.

  • Scent
    Your employees will be spending a large amount of time working in the office environment, as such it could be very advantageous for you to consider how the office smells.

    The sense of smell is very powerful. Some claim that up to 75% of the emotions we generate on a daily basis could be linked to a scent. This means that if your office environment has a poor smell, it could affect the comfort and wellbeing of your staff, which could affect their productivity and your bottom line.

  • Noise
    Distractions in the workplace originate from many different places, one of which being noise. Office chatter, the ringing of phones, and other noises can lead to your employees being distracted from their tasks. However, your office design can provide you with some solutions for these issues.

    For example, you could utilise a commercial interior design service to refurbish your workplace and create a breakout area and some small meeting rooms. This would give your workspace a place for non-work topics and a place where employees can discuss projects that they are working on without distracting others around them.
  • Improve the comfort of your workplace with commercial interior design from Oaktree Interiors

    Improving the comfort of your employees and reducing the amount of distractions can be a fantastic way for you to boost your workplace productivity. Oaktree Interiors can provide a wide range of services to create an office environment that meets the unique needs of your business.

    If you are interested in a professional interior design service, office refurbishment, or any of the office interior solutions that are available from Oaktree Interiors; please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

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