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It can be easy just to think about furniture as something to sit on, somewhere to work off or something to use as storage. Not much thought needs to be placed in them, other than their function, right? Wrong.

The importance of the furniture in your office design cannot be underestimated. Low quality or unsuitable furniture can have a negative impact on the working practices of an employee, their feelings and even their health. It can play a big part in a client’s impression of your services and the cleanliness of the office. Acquiring the right furniture is simply vital for any forward-thinking business.

Measuring the impact of furniture in your office design

Evaluating the impact of your current furniture infrastructure is an important first step on the path to creating the ideal office design. With that, here are some furniture things to think about:

  • The quality of your furniture should be of paramount importance. The comfort and functions of your chairs and desks play a role in how your employees experience their working days. If you think about it, your employees will be sat on/at these installations for around 8 hours a day, so a chair that doesn’t offer the right level of comfort will cause a distraction. As such, choosing the right type of furniture can aid them in their work and even avoid possible back and neck injuries. Ergonomic furniture provides the ideal way for employees to experience comfort during their working day. Such a type of furniture can be adjusted in order to fit whatever their customised requirements may be.
  • Your furniture works to give visitors a good first impression of your business. As such, it is simply vital to make your reception area look and feel as comfortable as possible. This is not just limited to the seating of course, but also coffee tables or any storage facilities for them to place coats and bags. Bringing in comfortable furniture is one thing, keeping it like over time is another matter; putting in place a regular maintenance routine will help these installations to perform as they should, leaving your visitors with that great first impression, that may even prove to be a factor in them choosing your services.
  • Furniture can also help with company branding; providing a unique image through your office design is important in getting across your business ethos to employees and clients alike. With so many styles, shapes, colours and patterns to choose from, the availability of your perfect furniture probably won’t be an issue; what is an issue, is being able to choose the right ones that match your philosophies. You’ll need to think about how to balance that fine line between comfort, functionality and the image that the furniture presents. Is it right to go for that classic-looking piece of furniture to portray a classy, sleek image when it may require constant maintenance? Is going for trendy furniture going to lend itself well in the long-term? Does the usage of certain colours distract, or does it lend itself well to the interiors and the people who have to look at it all day?
  • Having good storage solutions should be the cornerstone of any tidy office; the right furniture can help. We all know how easy an office can get cluttered, but this is something that isn’t helpful in retaining a great environment and can even cause a number of health hazards. Aside from the dedicated storage facilities (cupboards, filing cabinets etc) furniture and storage can be combined in order for the working areas to be kept constantly free from clutter. Even just a working desk with a single drawer can make a huge difference in cleanliness.

With so much to think about when it comes to furniture, it can be easy for any busy business to put these issues aside for another time. A professional office design company can help to think about these questions for you and what’s more, help to source and deliver the ideal furniture for whatever requirements you may have.

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If you’re thinking about improving your current office space or upgrading your furniture installations, then allow Oaktree Interiors to help. Throughout the last three decades, our team have been creating bespoke office environments in London and throughout the South East for many a different company; from large, multi-national corporations to small, local outfits.

Our time in the industry has allowed us to build up a knowledge and a bank of contacts that allows us to source some of most attractive and innovative furniture around. With a team of talented designers, we are able to create the ideal office design for your company, regardless of the size, shape and indeed, budget, of your workplace.

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