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Whilst the nature of how we work has changed, most offices haven't. Many workplaces are still operating in outdated shell and cores that may have once been suitable for the era they were designed for, but people and (crucially), technology has moved on. So wouldn't it make sense for the office design to move with them?

As a leading office refurbishment in London provider here at Oaktree Interiors, we have seen the impact that a fresh office fit out can have on a business. It can transform tired, drab and unfit facilities into vibrant workplaces that harness the power of the latest technology and be shaped around how the employees want or need to work, rather than them having to sacrifice their working styles to fit the limitations of the space on offer. Furthermore, any business can express its brand, it's thoughts, feelings and philosophies through refurbishment; creating a true business home that will make its people feel comfortable, whilst be welcoming and looking impressive to visitors.

In this blog, we're going to be taking a look at the five key spaces that make for a successful office refurbishment.

The five steps towards creating a successful office refurbishment in London

Before approaching a new office design,refurbishment, fit out or relocation, it's vital to understand the effect that certain spaces have on employees (as well as the working processes). The flexibility of technology has transformed our workplaces from a singular, farm-like layout, into one that comprises of many different spaces. As a result, this gives businesses the opportunity to create a unique layout that suits everyone there, rather than simply plumping for a 'one-size-fits-all' approach.

With that in mind, here are the five spaces that are part of any successful office design:

  • Touchdown areas. As a space in which employees can go to work for short periods, a touchdown area is an ideal environment for say, any roving salespeople who need to check e-mails, prepare before a meeting or have a brief catch-up after a meeting. For such tasks, it is preferable over hot desking as it allows people to work without being distracted and without distracting others. The only rules that need to be laid down are that no large, formal meetings should take place here and it should also be a short-term quiet working area when required.
  • Breakout areas. Quickly becoming part of the average office refurbishment in London, breakout facilities allow employees an area away from the stressful work arena for them to relax and recharge. Like a touchdown area, breakout areas can also be used for informal (slightly longer) meetings. An often overlooked benefit for these spaces is their fostering of informal conversations concerning the work-at-hand; these will lead to fewer delays on decisions being made,improving productivity when work gets back underway.
  • Quiet spaces. Ideal for training,formal, confidential or large meetings, a quiet space reduces the demands for desk space and allows private meetings to take place without interruption.Whether people need an environment in which they can work without distraction or need to reflect away from the noise of the open plan area, a quiet area is the ideal place.
  • Resource centre. As the area in which the printer, copier, shredder, recycling and stationery are located, the introduction of a resource centre as part of an office refurbishment in London will minimise the disruption to open plan areas, whilst maximising the efficiency of multi-functional devices. Also,it helps to create spontaneous communications between people who may not be in a position to speak to each other during their working day.

Having a specific area for stationery also means that it can be restocked, managed and cleaned more easily. Recycling should also increase, leading to less paper wastage. 'Resources' can also refer to personal storage too, such as cloakrooms and lockers. This, again, can lead to more spontaneous conversations and in many cases, fewer trips and falls as coats and bags are stored away safely.

  • Open plan areas. Encouraging collaboration and interaction, open plan areas are ideal for employees to move into when they need some inspiration or advice. People are encouraged to workout loud in an open plan area, as others can pop by and ask what's going on/what's being worked on. This doesn't mean that conversations have to be prolonged; people will need to get on with their work, whilst still needing to communicate with others from time-to-time. Open plan finds that delicate balance; any prolonged conversations can take place in the breakout area.

Those were the five spaces that any modern business needs to cater for success; so if you're interested in learning more about how your company would benefit from a new workplace design, why not get in touch with the experts here at Oaktree Interiors?

Thinking about giving your office interiors a refresh? Get in touch with the workplace design experts

Whether your business requires an office refurbishment in London to improve its functional capabilities, to cater for expansion or simply to give its existing interiors a refresh, the experienced office design team here at Oaktree will be happy to hear from you.

Throughout the years, we have created all manner of workplaces; from medical and clinical facilities to automated offices and co-working spaces. No matter what type of industry you may operate in (and the requirements that come with it) we are able to design and build for you, the ideal bespoke workplace.

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