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The office is the core of a business. As the place that hosts employees who create the work that provides it with success, the design of their working environment must be able to support their day-to-day needs.

Although every business is (and should always be) unique,the industry that it works in will provide a general framework of the kind of environment that would enhance their operational aspect. With competition for trade in the local area being in plentiful supply, it could be the case that great office design in London may be the difference in the business realising success, or not.

The importance of well-defined office design in London

...cannot be stressed enough. With The City and its surrounding boroughs providing an attractive place to be, not just for trade and commerce, but also to live and work, competition in almost every industry imaginable will be high.

A workplace is more than a building where people simply 'perform their duties in'. It should provide inspiration to employees, help them to hone and develop their skills, it should offer a community that makes every working day a joy, rather than a slog. Most strikingly of all though, it should offer an unforgettable brand to visitors;telling them everything they need to know about the business and why they should deal with them, without the business uttering a word of self-promotion. Get all of these aspects right and you'll have an office design in London that is best placed to keep pace with the competition, catering for potential future growth.

Here, we're going to use our array of experience of creating office designs for businesses across all sectors, to present a few ideas that you may find useful when planning for your own workplace design.

The Creative, Coworking Space

Any office that relies on creativity should be able to allow an individual to create their own working style, promoting a sense of freedom. As people, we are all different; whilst someone else may find working in a rigid environment fine, others may not; leading to them having to compromise how they like to work to fit the limitations of the environment. This will never be conducive to them producing great, creative work.

This means that any creative or coworking office should provide a mix of different spaces; for extroverts who gain creativity from interacting with others, to introverts who prefer to focus in solitude. These spaces require elements such as acoustic and visual privacy, different types of furniture for different uses and the usage of natural light, colour and biophilic design.

The Tech Space

Having top-of-the-range software and hardware for its employees to explore their skills on, is an obvious must for any tech company, but how can an office design in London be arranged to help with overall performance? Like other industries, tech firms will benefit from introducing agile working areas that allow their employees to move around,collaborating with others, yet be able to work independently, away from noise and distractions.

Bench set-ups, pods and private booths are popular amongst today's tech companies, who use them to allow their employees to work independently and quietly, whilst other areas are given away to collaborative zones, such as breakout areas and tea points for people to get together.

Many tech firms place their in-work experience of their employees as a high priority when considering changing their workplace interiors; not only will it help their staff to be able to work effectively, it will also help to create a great working environment, retaining great talent in the long term. This is why many an office design in London is including the aforementioned breakout rooms and tea points, as well as dedicated relaxation areas; things that may be expected by the next generation of workers.

The ultra-professional space

Whether a business deals in finances, legality or any other industry that requires a degree of ultra-professionalism, concentration is paramount. This is why many firms favoured the 'cubicle desk' setups that sealed off workers from each other; something that was eventually deemed to negatively affect their mood and general mental wellbeing,which was likely to seep into the work they produced. The creation of open plan setups provided a medium; whilst the barriers were torn down, giving employees more to look at (and be inspired by) than walls of a cubicle, the placement of dividers helped to block out any immediate distractions, allowing them to concentrate on their work.

Today, as shared desk spaces are becoming more commonplace, things like desk booking systems are becoming popular for providing variation to an employee's day-to-day work cycle, giving them the option to sit where they want. This helps to encourage cross-pollination between each department, improving the company culture and creating a drive to succeed.

Many firms will be centred on their clients and as such, will need to have a space that is able to represent the business in a positive light, making a profound first impression.This means that having salient client-facing areas is vital; the reception and meeting rooms are such areas that need to be impactful and able to stress the professionalism of the business. Including unique branding within the interiors will also provide any visitors with an impressive experience of the business they're dealing with too.

Give your business a better outlook, with office design by Oaktree Interiors

Need to improve your own office design to get the best out of those who work within it? Then why not get in touch with the expert workplace design team here at Oaktree Interiors? As we've been creating bespoke office environments for over 30 years now, we have established a leading service throughout the south east of England.

As the competition for business is constantly growing throughout the area, any forward-thinking firm must be able to bestow a positive impression upon their staff and clients. Don't be left behind by your competitors; establish a workplace that is true to your business brand and the working needs of your employees.

To learn more about our office design in London service, please feel free to get in touch with us by calling 0345 21 86955.Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to us at hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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