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The terms 'workplace' and 'workspace' are often used mutually but as the technology we use has changed, the places in which we work have grown increasingly versatile. As a result, workplaces and workspaces have shifted away from each other, coming to represent distinct concepts.

If you're considering improving your office fit out London, being aware of the differences between the two will help you to visualise how your employees interact with tech (and each other). You will then be able to align their needs with the broader goals of your business. Here, we're going to cover what qualifies a workplace and a workspace, and how it affects office design.

Workplaces vs. Workspaces in office fit out London

At their fundamental level, the workplace is where you go to work, whilst the workspace is the environment in which you do your work. Generally, workplaces are fixed physical locations (the office building) that contain desks, boardrooms, reception areas, dining areas and other amenities. Workplaces focus on the experience of an employee and shape the corporate culture of the company as a whole.

On the other hand, a workspace can be said to be the modern equivalent of a 'workstation'; whereas the workspace used to be designed in a '9-to-5, one-size-fits-all' style, contemporary tastes have seen their design concentrate on improving the work-life balance of employees to find new ways of working that would be more efficient.

Using modern tech to work from wherever, whenever they need to, employees can enter 'the workspace' whilst at home, travelling or in a flexible workplace that doesn't employ permanent desk assignments. By improving the workspace, a business will be able to effect change at the centre of where work happens. To be able to perform their function, workspaces will need a well-defined workplace to enable it.

So in short, when it comes to office fit out in London, creating multiple workspaces in a singular workplace will be more suited to employees performing different tasks. This is where a zoned office design can help.

Creating different workspaces for different tasks

Allowing employees the opportunity to work in (or to access, as and when they need), a zoned workspace will support different group and individual needs. As an example, if a team needs to share ideas and concepts, this activity would be better suited to take place in an open, comfortable zone, away from the 'main' zone of desks. Conversely, if an employee needs to detach themselves away from the noise, they can enter a quiet zone designed for concentrated working.

There is no limit to the styles of workspaces that can be created for any office fit out in London that employs a zoned design; the point is that they allow the business an opportunity to shape a workplace that is bespoke to how they and their employees operate. Some firms like to have zones that place more concentration on technology; harnessing wireless internet that allows people to work around the office or from home. Others like to have a 'traditional' open office set-up, with a plethora of social spaces, breakout spaces and games rooms to place more concentration on teamwork. It's all relative.

Ultimately, a zoned office is an example of a business allowing its employees the opportunity to take ownership of how they would like to work, rather than the workspace (and its limitations) owning them, dictating how they work. A zoned approach will be more likely to get the best out of individual and group talents, resulting in better work being produced.

Will your business take advantage?

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