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Flexibility is set to become an officefitout 'norm' within the next few years. According to a report compiled by property firm, Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL), the number of flexible office spaces in Europe are set to grow by 30% within the next five years.

Describing it as 'one of the biggest shifts in the property industry' in years to come, JLL say that the upturn in flexible offices will change the way thousands of businesses (of all sizes) organise their workforces.

The rise of the flexible office fitout

Offering a business the scope it needs to serve the individual requirements of each of its employees, as well as meeting any future changes presented by its industry, it's isn't too hard to see why flexible office fit out projects are on the rise.

This method of office design has doubtless been made possible by the technology that we have at our disposal. Wireless devices and internet connections give us the ability to work from anywhere (and with whom)we choose. This has created opportunities for co-working which has led to businesses making vast changes within their organisations, demanding that their spaces be flexible without losing the benefits of collaboration and the opportunity to create a fluid, ever-growing network.

As time moves on, such a design may be expected by talented workers who are searching for a job that helps them to realise their skills and potential. Indeed, working in a flexible, collaborative environment is one of the main reasons why Millennials, the future of the workplace, choose the companies they work for.

The future of flexible office design

In the near future, it is likely that the average office fitout will shift away from being designed around function and become more focused on 'the user experience'. The environment of the workplace will likely become more customer-focused, akin to that of the hospitality sector.

Shared facilities will become more commonplace as businesses seek to make better use of their buildings; facilities such as coffee shops,restaurants and community spaces will combine themselves around the workplace.

Tech, of course, will be used to allow these spaces to interact, while smarter analysis of data will give building owners the ability to understand how people use the space, helping them to make changes and improvements in a more responsive way.

There is more to great office design than having a 'smart shared lounge', though; this is why the increasing focus on the user experience should be welcomed. It offers a range of productive, wellbeing and knowledge-sharing benefits to businesses and its employees, and so when combined with flexible design, we will see a real change in how we view our working environments in years to come.

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