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The nature of work is busy; regardless of the industry, the need to complete certain tasks for a certain time will naturally push down other tasks that aren’t seen as vital at that moment in time. As such, if we’re constantly kept busy, those ‘non-vital’ tasks that we’ve pushed down will pressurise and suddenly ‘spring up’ like a jack-in-the-box when we’re least expecting it.

In terms of office design, clearing away clutter/work materials that we’re not using could be considered as ‘non-vital’. In a busy work environment, it’s easy just to leave papers to one side or not clear away those half-sipped cups of coffee. Half-sipped because we’re too busy at work. In fact, ensuring that clutter is cleared away through the implementation of a waste policy and by introducing sufficient storage solutions, is extremely vital in any well-designed office.

How does de-cluttering help with office design?

First and foremost, removing clutter from workstations helps to organise the office. In any system of work, organisation is key; you can have the most talented people as part of your team with the best tools and technology at their disposal but if nothing is organised, then that team will not be able to function together and achieve great work. Too much time is spent in the office, trying to find documents, files and tools simply because they have not been stored properly and nobody is 100% sure where exactly to look. This will impact on time and not to sound so clichéd, but time is money. This is why well-placed shelving and racking can help to keep an office organised, ultimately helping employees to save time in locating what they need and keeping important data well-preserved.

Then, there is a health and safety aspect to think about. Clutter can consist of anything; from papers to litter, tools to personal items. Such things can easily be knocked over, broken and spilled, their contents can affect other items that are on a desk; have you ever knocked a cup of something over on a piece of paper? Even on electronic equipment? The bottom line is that clutter can easily negatively affect on the health and safety of equipment, work, even on a person. It’s only by introducing best practices and sufficient storage solutions to keep clutter away, can the health and safety of everyone and everything be properly looked after.

Lastly, what do your office interiors say about your business? If you need to host any visitors, what would their impression be if they’re met with a cluttered, messy, unorganised workspace that is also potentially unsafe? Is this, cluttered, messy unorganised business, the kind of company that you would work with? Good office design plays a vital role in promoting a positive view of your business to clients and potential employees alike. Keeping your workspaces clean, organised and safe is a vital part of any great office set-up.

What types of storage solutions are at my disposal?

It’s important to mention that the term ‘storage solutions’ just isn’t confined to the usual filling cabinets and shelving that take up space or even a dedicated archival room. Storage solutions in the modern office can be smaller, adapting to the size of office design you have at your disposal.

Modern ergonomic desks do not only provide a customisable comfort level for an individual to work at, the right desks also offer storage space for employees to keep their ‘clutter’ in. With their workspace kept clear, this will help to foster that cleaner, more organised working environment.

Then there are the other not-so-obvious ways in which you can store items. Creating cloakrooms for people to store their coats/personal items in keeps them away from the working areas, a kitchen allows them to store and eat their food in and something like a breakout room can combine both of these, as well as to contribute a lot more.

Whatever items need to be stored, the nature of the modern workplace is flexible and it’s only by possessing a modern office design that are you be able to effectively combine working needs with the question of effective storage.

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