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The workplace is naturally a busy environment; it may often feel like there isn't time to do anything outside of the immediate task(s), but have you ever stopped to wonder the effect that the environment may have on those who work there? We're not just talking about the tools and tech that employees need to achieve their goals, but the actual set-up of the office? How does it work with the employees?

Unfortunately, not all businesses will have set-ups that are conducive to how their employees need to work; so how to solve the problem of poorly designed office fit outs in London?

Common office design problems in office fit outs in London

Here are three examples of common problems in many office fit outs in London, and how solutions can be found to make the environment a happier, more productive one:

  • Lack of space. With property rents constantly rising in London, it may be difficult to find the ideal space in popular locations, without spending heavily to procure them.This means that many businesses will elect to stay put in their existing offices, with the design and contents of the interiors continuing to provide issues.

A great solution to a lack of space in an existing office would be to reimagine its fit out altogether; with innovative design, a business can transform wasted space, unused desks and multiple meeting rooms, replacing them with elements that would serve the needs of the business better, such as hot desking. Meeting rooms that are not needed can be turned into private working spaces for those who may need them, personal storage space can also be implanted within furniture or moveable systems, creating more space. The options are endless.

  • Noise and lack of etiquette within the office. Whilst open plan design has been a fixture in many office fit outs in London for many years now, its downsides may see the creation of distracting noise levels, people eating at desks, as well as taking up space that would be better taken up by resting spaces, quiet rooms and social areas.

Whilst going mobile with open plan space is something that businesses should consider, it's also worth thinking about how different departments are 'zoned'within the office too. Are all the teams together in the right places for them to be able to work effectively? As an example; a call centre, placed next to the finance team may cause distractions, leading to less productive work and disengagement.

  • Finding the ideal work/life balance. In a world where the internet, mobile devices and social media combine to blur the lines between what life is like at home and at work, it is difficult for many of us to know when to switch off and recuperate. Even at work when things get stressful and leave us stuck for inspiration, we do not have the means to detach ourselves from this environment and the feelings it creates; hardly going to help the work, is it?

Incorporating facilities such as tea points and breakout spaces within the office design can help to redress the work/life balance, encouraging employees to look after their mental and physical wellbeing, rather than suffering through it. Not only that, but they will feel valued as a result; paving the way for the business to retain its talent for the long-term.

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If you've been looking to take a new approach with the design of your workplace interiors, then the expert team here at Oaktree Interiors can help you on the way to realising your ideal office environment.

Throughout the last 30 years, our team have been growing a leading office design service that is dedicated to providing bespoke office fit outs in London to businesses keen to get the best out of their workforce, as well as to realise the potential of their brand. As every business is unique, we do not believe in any'one size, fits all' solution; we take the time to understand what the business wants to achieve, how it may achieve their aims, as well as the space on offer,combining them to create the most productive solution. Why not take a look at our case studies section to see some of the recent examples of our work?

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