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As 2018 is drawing to a close, we're going to take this opportunity to look back on the office design projects we have undertaken this year. Once again, the last year has proven to be a challenging,yet ultimately rewarding time for our dedicated team.

Taking part in design and build projects right across the south-east of England, the businesses we work for understand that in order to make their mark in the UK's fastest growing area for commerce, the design and functionalities of their workplaces need to be of a high quality in order for them to be able to attain any long term success.

Office design projects of 2018

Before we produce any designs, we take the time to understand what each of our clients' need and how it relates to their business philosophy, and the marketplaces in which they ply their trade. As every single business is unique, it is important for them to grow their own culture; it not only gives employees the inspiration and drive to produce great work, it can also inform any visiting clients of the professionalism of the company, and how it can help them.

So without further ado, here are some of the great office design projects we've undertaken this year:

  • Asset Advantage. During the early part of 2018, we delivered an office design project for Asset Advantage, an independent, privately owned asset management business located in Basingstoke. As their business involves connecting clients with a myriad of introducers across the UK, they were seeking to expand their facility to not only cater for their workforce with an open plan layout, but also to introduce new meeting and communication rooms, breakout and kitchen areas, as well as a complete refurbishment of their technological and mechanical infrastructure.

During the design process, we worked closely with Asset Advantage to understand the unique philosophy of the company, as well as the individual requirements of their 60-strong workforce. The company were pleased with our design and recommendations, and the works immediately took place, being completed in January. This gave Asset Advantage the time to grow used to their new working environment, with the whole of 2018 ahead of them.

After an initial meeting with the company, we carried out a comprehensive survey of the shell and core of their new office, then produced a design(containing all of their proposed ideas). The proposal we created consisted of a number of 2-D and 3-D images that portrayed how their office may look (its aesthetics, the set-up, layout etc). Impressed with our work, attention to detail and our client-focused approach, TAFS appointed us on the spot as their preferred office design and build company.

The work we undertook consisted of a total fit out of 7400 sqft of space, which was spread out over three floors. Aside from open office space, we created a number of cellular offices, a large boardroom, meeting rooms, a wellness room,breakout area, kitchen, hot desking facilities and an attractive reception area. We also created/supplied a comprehensive range of technical components and furniture that allowed the company to move straight in and immediately start work, getting used to their new bespoke environment. This means that there was virtually no disruption to their business.

  • Buckingham Schenk. June saw us embark on another office relocation, this time helping renowned wine importer, Buckingham Schenk, to move to a better-defined facility in Bracknell, from their old base in Slough. Being a workplace, as well a'showroom', the company outlined their special requirements to us at our initial meeting, including all the equipment and facilities they needed. After our surveyance of the building and subsequent design plan, Buckingham Schenk awarded us the contract based on our diligence and the creativity that we displayed.

With 3,200 sqft of office space to cover, aside from establishing an open plan working space, a large boardroom, a breakout area and an IT server room, we created a number of specialist meeting rooms, as well as a dedicated wine tasting area for clients. We're delighted to say that the finished project was met with universal approval by Buckingham Schenk and they immediately moved in and began their work. Cheers to that!

  • Newbury News.Another great reason to undertake a brand new office design is to better utilise the space you have available(paying rental fees for space you do not use isn't helping anyone but the landlord!) This was the position that Newbury Weekly News, a family-owned newspaper that has been at the heart of the local community for 150 years, found themselves in.

We had been in periodic contact with Newbury News for quite some time before they decided that are location to a better-defined premises would be of greater value to their business. Not only was the better use of space and the creation of more-modern facilities behind their thinking, but they also wanted to create a 'wow factor'; a workplace for their employees that would inspire, motivate and create a genuine community.

After our meetings and the creation of an office design plan that contained all of their requirements,we immediately got to work. The solution we created was one that not only better utilised the space available, but also created a fresh, new environment,which would work to have a positive effect on staff, boosting their morale.

Alongside the main open office layout, the facility we created for Newbury News includes private offices, a library and archive area, a meeting room, tea point, kitchen and breakout area.Also included was a reception and waiting area, with the remaining work being an improvement of the existing WC/shower room facilities, as well as the creation of a breakout space outside for staff to relax and refocus around nature.Taking us just 8 weeks, Newbury News were delighted with their new office and its positive impact on staff.

  • Lefort. Often, the companies who we work with may require additional works to expand their workplaces. Lefort are one such Oaktree client. In 2017, we undertook an office refurbishment on the first floor of the Bracknell-based engineering tools manufacturer. Involving a re-utilisation of unused areas in the building, turning them into open plan space with additional facilities for collaborative working, our high-quality creation allowed the company to settle in and get to work immediately. The office design always had expansion in mind and so less than 12 months later, we were delighted to hear that the company were ready to move up (or in this case,down) another level. Just recently,they approached us with the idea of fitting out the entire ground floor of their building.

Their requirements are centred on creating a welcoming environment, one that is natural, light an dairy. Not only will this sort of atmosphere help employees to collaborate and feel inspired, but it will also go a long way in setting an immediate positive impression for any visitors. So aside from a company-branded reception area and customer lounge (with tea point) welcoming visitors, our office design for Lefort's ground floor also includes internal meeting rooms and sales offices, training rooms and vinyl flooring throughout.Works are already underway as we write this, with a completion date set for January. Lefort will get to start 2019 in a larger, more-attractive office.

So, that was the pick of our projects for 2018. If you've been thinking about improving the effectiveness of your working atmosphere;whether you want to improve your existing space or move to a completely new one, why not consider getting in touch with the team here at Oaktree in 2019?

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No matter your reasons to improve the design of your office,the team here at Oaktree Interiors are on hand to help you realise your ideal,bespoke office design. Every single project we undertake is done so to a set timescale and plan that has been created with our clients. Not only will this help to satisfy their particular requirements, it will also minimise any disruption caused to the business.

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