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Oaktree Interiors provide both office interiors planning and refurbishment services, but we do not have a 'house style'. Every proposal we create is unique; designed to meet your business' needs, so you can rest assured that an Oaktree Interiors office solution will provide your business with the tools and space it needs to best provide for the productivity and wellbeing needs of your business.

However, it is important to look at others who are successful to gain valuable insights and inspiration. It provides you with the opportunity to not only learn from the successes of other, but also learn from their mistakes, saving you a lot of time and bother. So what are some of the workplaces in the UK with the highest workplace productivity?

Office productivity in the UK – Some of the best places to work?

Here's a list of some of the best offices in the UK according to information from Red Bull. We've chosen some offices from all over the United Kingdom, this includes London, the North of England, and Scotland.

Splunk - London

A data firm in London have specifically themed meeting rooms, including a Tardis and a train carriage. However, the fun doesn't end there; the office also includes space for a beer and a game of pool, making it the ideal office for meeting with clients and customers. At the end of a meeting, customers and staff can relax with a beer and a game of pool, you could imagine it's quite the different experience for visitors; it's sure to leave a lasting impression.

Bright HR - Manchester

In the north of England, the HR firm Bright HR goes the extra mile with regards to improving employee wellbeing, creativity, and productivity. The office has a fifty foot indoor garden, with Astroturf, tents, bean bags, comfy chair, plants, and space for a five-a-side football. This encourages creativity, which in turn boosts productivity and the teamwork associated with a game of five-a-side encourages staff to build team relationships, boosting workplace camaraderie.

Virgin Money – Edinburgh

In Scotland the Virgin Money office is surrounded by airline lounge style sofas, with LED lighting to simulate the passage of the sun across the sky in a 'sky ceiling'. This system is vastly superior to most in-office lighting systems. The office itself isn't just the same as your average open plan office. A serious amount of planning and effort went into creating an open environment that truly creates an atmosphere of openness and creativity.

What makes a great office?

There are lots of steps that can individually boost workplace productivity. However, whilst your first thoughts may be to the office layout, or the installation of fun activities such as a table football or ping pong table, instead we would suggest you consider the comfort of your employees. After all, if employees are uncomfortable whilst working this could be very distracting which can have a disastrous impact on office productivity. As reported in an article in the NY Times “it takes an average of 25 minutes to return to the original task after an interruption".

So, in the pursuit of improving comfort in a workplace, some of the first steps you can consider are furniture, lighting, and temperature. With regards to furniture, poor quality chairs will not only cause employees to be distracted, but it could also potentially cause long-term back, shoulder, and neck injuries, which could lead to staff slowing down, or potentially taking time off work as a result of these injuries. Additionally, it's also possible that if the issues causing these injuries are not addressed, some employees may seek employment elsewhere, costing you a talented staff member with much to offer. Fortunately, improving the furniture in your workplace is as simple as choosing high quality ergonomic office furniture, such as comfortable chairs which help promote healthy back posture.

With regards to temperature, it's important to introduce heating and air conditioning units in your workplace. During the summer, heatwaves can make it very uncomfortable to work in areas without property temperature control. By installing air conditioning units in all of your workspaces and allowing your employees to control the temperature of the room, they'll be able to work in a much more comfortable environment. Similarly, during the winter months, it can be very uncomfortable to work in an office environment without proper heating. In fact, whilst there is no law regarding workplace temperature, employers must adhere to health and safety at work legislation which includes keeping the temperature at a comfortable level, and guidance suggests a minimum of 16ºC or 13ºC if employees are doing physical work. So it's very important that you implement temperature controlling measures in your workplace as the Government writes that “employees should talk to their employer if the workplace temperature isn't comfortable."

Improve the comfort of your workplace with commercial office interiors from Oaktree Interiors

Improving the comfort of your employees and reducing the amount of distractions can be a fantastic way for you to boost your workplace productivity. Oaktree Interiors can provide a wide range of services to create an office environment that meets the unique needs of your business. If you are interested in any of the professional services that are available from the Oaktree team and you would like to request a free consultation, please contact us using the information below.

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