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The definition of 'Love' is a strong feeling of affection – not exactly a combination of words that you'll normally associate with the necessary activity of 'work'! That's precisely the point, however; when we think about our working lives, they can be made so much more enjoyable if we are able to love the environment in which we earn our livings in. This is where office interior services can help.

How can office interior services help to create a workplace that is loved?

As we spend the majority of the week in the same environment, the facilities provided by the workplace have a massive bearing on the feelings that we experience as we go about our roles. If we feel comfortable and inspired, and catered and cared for, we are likely to see ourselves producing more and better work, giving us a personal sense of achievement. These feelings will help to grow our attachment to the place where we work, driving us forward to achieve more; eventually blossoming into love for our workplace and the environment it offers.

The role of office interior services is to look at how the workplace can be better defined towards the working practices of those who use it. They are able to create an office design that not only looks at what is required by the business and its employees, but they are also able to combine them to achieve a bespoke solution that will suit everyone. The result is an office space that will be loved by all.

How can a business grow a loveable office space?

So, how can a business use office interiors services to go about creating a workplace that employees would love? Here are our tips:

  • Creating a solid management structure is simply vital in any successful workplace. The best businesses are ones that are able to establish a working philosophy that can be clearly and articulately communicated to everyone. In order to love the workplace, employees must understand what they are doing is important – this is why they need to be given a strong direction, a purpose. With office interior services, you can understand how precisely you are able to shape your workplace to set up that solid management structure. Think about how easy communication is between management and junior staff; could this be improved? Are there barriers that prevent effective communication? Is the management hidden away in a separate room and employees out on their own?
  • The Ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus is often celebrated for his seminal quote; We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak – a lesson that we should all take on board. The best businesses should be able to provide the facilities and make time to listen to the ideas and input from the very people who work to make them a success; the employees. Not only will listening help to create more ideas on how to improve, but those people will also feel valued and important; they'll feel that they have an active role in the direction of the company and would naturally grow an attachment to it as a result. In an office design, this can be achieved by undertaking informal meetings, in areas such as breakout rooms that gets everyone away from the stressful work arena and instead, in a place they can feel comfortable and in a position to share their ideas.
  • Beyond the witty dwarf songs and the tense battle scenes, the beauty behind the writing of J.R.R Tolkien's Middle Earth novels is in its quieter, poignant moments. In The Two Towers (1954), a particular quote reads “The praise of the praiseworthy is above all rewards" – praise from great people is worth more to us than what we may perceive as a 'reward'. When we think about showing appreciation to employees, thoughts may go towards expensive perks, which for those businesses with tight budgets and schedules, could prove to be difficult to give. Showing appreciation does not have to cost the (middle) earth as less lavish perks, such as an early finish on a Friday, the opportunity for them to work remotely or handing out new responsibilities, will help an employee feel appreciated through their work. Even something as simple as saying 'thanks' every-now-and-then will help to create a sense of achievement in someone; the monetary cost to do so? Absolutely nothing.
  • Aside from the need to feel like they're contributing to the success of the business, employees also want to feel like they are growing their abilities. Most of us don't want to feel like our careers are stagnant, that we're doing the exact same thing for years on end. Aside from the salary, another main reason why talented employees choose to work for a company is because of the potential of career progression; if their workplace can offer this, then they'll undoubtedly grow to love it. Hiring office interior services to create an intelligent, vibrant and inspiring workplace will go a long way in hitting each and every point we've mentioned here.

Create a workplace that will be loved by your employees, with us

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we have been creating bespoke workspaces for over 30 years now; with each and every job we undertake utterly unique as they present their different challenges. The main ethos of our business is that we listen; we listen to the needs and requirements of everyone who inhabits the office space. Quite simply, we hold dear the belief that a workplace must conform to the needs of everyone who works there, rather than the people who work there, having to change their practices to suit the limitations presented by the building.

If you’re looking to create an office space that will be loved by your employees, then please feel free to have a look around our website at the many different jobs we’ve carried out recently. Our office interior services can help you to get the best out of your employees, no matter if you represent a new start-up, a relatively small localised business or a multi-national corporation.

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