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Your office is in the perfect location for your staff and clients to get to, it may also be present in an area with plenty of amenities around and it has an extremely favourable rental rate. The only thing that's preventing it from being crowned with the 'perfect office title', is that it seems too small, affecting the functionalities and feelings of everyone inside.

So how can you free up more space or create the illusion that there is more space?

In this blog, we're going to give you some tips on turning a small office interior design into a larger one, creating the illusion that there is more space than there actually is.

Making a small interior office design larger

Office designs that are on the quaint side should focus on making the most out of the space they have, whilst providing a practical and comfortable environment. With this in mind, here are some tips on making a small space practical, comfortable and bigger:

  • Think smarter with your storage. In any small office interior design, clever storage is key in freeing up space and cutting down on clutter. Storage that is part of something with more than one purpose can be extremely useful in reducing the number of specialised units;something like a desk that has an in-built storage facility, for example.

Another way storage can be incorporated without taking up much space, is by using the office layout's partitioning. Used to section off certain areas of the office floor, shelves could be fitted onto them, providing storage without taking up additional space.

Then there are the walls of the building that can be used to hold shelving; a stylish shelving feature that holds files, books and other important documents will evoke a 'vintage study'-type appearance, creating an ambience that will encourage people to work in, making it ideal for productivity.

  • Use neutral tones in your office's colour scheme. Using bold colours in a small space can often feel overwhelming, making employees feel cramped, claustrophobic and generally uncomfortable. Using neutral colours,such as whites and creams will help to reflect the light that enters/is in the room, creating a mirroring effect that will show an illusion of a larger space.With this feeling, employees are likely to feel calm and comfortable as they go about their work.

Hints of darker and brighter colours can also help to add depth to a small office interior design, avoiding it looking (and feeling) too clinical and frankly, boring.Introducing wall features, such as company branding, picture displays or living walls will add a sense of vibrancy to the office. Also, think about how well colours will complement those of your furnishings and other office decors,such as plants, lamps and cushions.

  • Have an open space.If you don't need (or want) partitioning in the office, then having an open space will help to make the office appear as big as possible. You can still designate different areas for different departments by using different colours or wall decorations (just remember to keep them neutral!)

Another great way to enlarge the space, without making the room feel smaller, is by incorporating more glass within the office design. Not only will this help to spread more natural light (great for health and wellness), glass that has been used to separate, say a boardroom from the office, will conduct the light in a way that makes the room look bigger.

  • Be minimal.One of the great things about today's Internet (aside from being able to download cat pictures in a thousandth of a second) is that it has rendered many physical mediums redundant. Got files to store? You can whack them up on the virtual Cloud; you don't even need external hard drives, memory cards and optical discs (let along filing cabinets!) Got too many desks for a workforce that doesn't spend all of their time in the office? Using Wi-Fi connections to allow people to hotdesk, will remove items that you don't need, creating more space.

A minimalist approach can also be applied to the decor of the office; using furniture that matches the neutral shades of the walls will help to make the space feel larger. This will then allow you to use more colour as you place the finishing touches to your office, with your chosen colour scheme.

  • Feature pieces and artwork.As we briefly mentioned above, placing in additional wall decor and usable features, such as a stylish lamp or sofa, can create a bold statement within a small office interior design. It will be adding something that is visually interesting and offers a function, rather than just something that's solely there for decorative purposes and getting in the way.

The use of artwork can also help to enhance a small space; just ensure that the pieces you use aren't too distracting!The right designs will add further depth to the office, especially if it'slacking in colour.

So those were our quick tips on making your office be (or seem) larger. By undertaking a refresh of your interiors, you will be able to re-evaluate how the space is used, putting in changes that will get the best out of it, which in turn will help to get the best out of your employees and business. So if you're thinking about improving your small office interior design,why not allow the experienced professionals here at Oaktree help?

Realise your ideal office design, with Oaktree Interiors

For over three decades, the team here at Oaktree have been designing and building bespoke offices for all manner of business types and sizes throughout the south east of England. No matter if you're a relatively new company with a small office, or part of a multi-national corporation with multiple floors to fit out, we have the expert knowledge and practical experience to deliver your ideal interiors.

As part of our small office interior design service, we offer a completely FREE, no-obligation consultancy that takes into account all of your requirements, as well as those of the building, and creates a mock-up 2-D and 3-D designs based on them. You will get to see what your ideal office may look like before you even spend a single penny on creating it.

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