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If you've been using the time away from the (physical) workplace as an opportunity to rethink different aspects of your business, the subject of your office's design may have come up; does it lend itself as well as it could do to the functions of the company? If you've decided 'No', then a redesign is in order; the trouble is that undertaking a new office design may seem time-consuming and expensive.

It doesn't have to be. Whether you're staying in your current location or moving somewhere that will be better suited to the size of your workforce, you can design the space quickly and inexpensively with a few simple tricks and tips.

Creating an office design with limited space & a reduced budget

The key to creating a successful office design for a small business is rearranging the good elements you already have, before augmenting them with inexpensive additions. Even something like placing extra thought into the seating plan of the office can make a huge difference to the functions, culture and morale in the office.

Here, we're going to give you a few design ideas that will help to keep costs down, while maximising its influence on the business.

Office design ideas for limited spaces

  • The start-up.
    Perfect to inspire flexible work habits and free-thinking, any business can borrow ideas from the set-up of the average start-up. The key element is to have standing working space, so it's a good idea to incorporate a few flexible surfaces for the placing of laptops, tablet devices and any associated peripherals. Common furniture of a start-up layout includes things like café tables and sofas – anything to get people together to collaborate, while making them comfortable at the same time.

  • The inspiration hub.
    This is a layout where ideas are sparked; so key features of this office design include inspiration boards,
    idea banks and plenty of casual meeting spaces. Inspiration hubs are ideal for offices that want to encourage a culture of constant improvement; colleagues pushing each other on to dream up the next big idea. It can also be used to serve clients, create projects or anything else that requires a modicum of innovation. If your business relies on an exchange of ideas, an inspiration hub will be ideal.
  • The light-flooded office.
    Adding more light to an office can help to boost mood, health and productivity, so for offices with small budgets that need a more comfortable environment, flooding the office with light can be a big help. By clearing away window displays and blinds, adding mirrors and switching out lightbulbs, the amount of synthetic and natural light can be increased.

  • The multi-environment office.
    Giving employees the means to take charge of how they'd like to work is a great way to boost productivity, the quality of that work, happiness and subsequently, their attachment to the company. This is why more workplaces are introducing multiple environments; from comfortable areas for solo/groupworking, private rooms for quiet working and meetings, through to the traditional open office set-up. Creating such an office design is relatively easy; areas can be 'zoned' using decorated wooden frames or different tiles/carpets to designate different areas.
  • The motivational office.
    Ever been stuck on a task and looked around for inspiration, with nothing in sight aside from dull, dank walls? Sometimes, giving the office a new lick of paint can help to boost mood, concentration and productivity; some firms even use motivational quotes to inspire or encourage a fresh way of thinking. Thinking about intelligent wall design and obtaining paint and decorations like decals is more inexpensive (and just as inspiring) than going the whole hog and totally redesigning the office, so it's an option well worth exploring.
  • The social office.
    If boosting employee happiness and retention is important, makingthe office a more social environment can help. Recent
    polls have shown that people value workplace friendships and the formation of friendships will enhance performance. A good place to start would be to arrange desks to encourage face-to-face interactions; bring desks up to eye height and allow people to face each other. Introducing cosy breakout areas for them to have informal meetings or chats will be a big help too.

So if you're considering improving your own office interiors in the near future or are thinking about altering your small office design, why not consider getting in touch with our expert team to see how we can help?

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For 30 years, the Oaktree team have beendesigning and building bespoke offices for all manner of business operations throughoutthe south of England. During that time, we have kept up with all of the latestdesign trends and technology, enabling us to not just establish a knowledgeableand trusted business, but also one that stays constantly at the forefront ofthe changing workplace.

Regardless of your requirements, whetheryou too want to improve the collaborative aspects of your office layout or ifyou need a full-scale fit out, our proven track record suggests that we canhelp you to achieve your aims.

As part of our service, we offer a FREE,no-obligation consultancy that takes into account all of your aims, the needsof your employees and the set-up of your building, before compiling them into adesign plan. Included in this will be mock-up 2-D and 3-D high-resolutionimages of what your ideal office may look like. So why not consider getting intouch with our team today?

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