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The Oaktree team is pleased to announce that we have been appointed to carry out an office refurbishment, within Farnborough airport's main terminal building. Previously occupied by a business jet manufacturing company, the second-floor office space will be reconfigured to accommodate Farnborough Airport's own management and operational teams.

The terminal building, located within the grounds of the 310-hectare airport site and adjacent to the runway and aircraft hangars, is an award-winning design building. The layout provides an unusual column-free interior, inspired by the interiors of airships, ocean liners, and early art-deco airport buildings. The cylindrical design of the building, with fully glazed end walls, is designed to look like an aircraft wing and allows the natural light to flood through all floors of the entire space.

How Oaktree Interiors are undertaking this office refurbishment project

Our team have worked closely with the facilities and management team of Farnborough Airport to create an improved space, allowing the various teams to be brought together into the one office (previously, staff were accommodated across various sites within the airport's grounds). The brief was to create a more open-plan office environment that encourages cross-team collaboration.

The previous occupier had fitted the space to a high standard, so glass partitioning will be repurposed within the new design wherever possible. The boardroom and two adjacent meeting rooms, all of which benefit from the full height external windows to the far end will be retained.

The central corridor, formed from numerous small offices, as well as the layout of all remaining offices, will be redesigned and reconfigured. The small kitchen area will be opened up and expanded to create a larger, kitchen, and break-out area, located close to the main entrance and additional collaboration spaces.

Our team will also be adapting all the electrical and mechanical infrastructure to suit the new layout. Design features and finishes will include fresh wall graphics, feature flooring, and ceiling-hung feature acoustic barriers.

This office refurbishment in Farnborough will run throughout December and January, with the workplace ready for staff to move in right away. After a tough 2020, it will no doubt help them to kick off a new year with increased optimism.

​ Looking to improve your own office environment in 2021?

If you've been thinking about improving the effect that your office interiors have on your employees; whether you want to introduce more facilities, completely refresh the office branding or need to expand, then we have all of the office fitting expertise and experience to help you realise your ideal workplace interiors.

With the current COVID-19 situation stipulating that firms must follow COVID-safe guidelines, it can be easy to assume that any changes made will be relatively short-term. In fact, it's likely certain elements will be here for a long time to come; so with that in mind, here is why you should consider an office refurbishment in Farnborough for the current climate:

  • Home/Work Balance. For a few years now, the office design industry has been ponderingupon the workplace becoming increasingly remote; the heightened quality oftechnology making it possible. Of course, the COVID situation has pushed things into place quicker than planned; many firms now considering the value of having a 'physical' office altogether.
exterior of farnborough airport - the office fit out location

However, despite many of us getting used to the practice of working from home, it's unlikely that the idea of the physical office will go away soon. Whether it's for better connectivity, inclusion amongst colleagues or the separation of our home-work life, there are many benefits that a centralised office has on the home one.

Beyond COVID, it's more likely that the office will be a hybrid of the two; how the balance sits will depend on the business, the work it does and the requirements of the employees. Understanding how an office refurbishment in Farnborough can be used to support both remote and in-person working is key.

  • Improve wellbeing at work. It's no surprise that anxiety and stress have had a major effect on people working from home in the last few months. As such, safe guardingmental health at work has become more prominent than ever before. By undertaking an office refurbishment, facilities can be created for employees to detach themselves from work and/or improve their mental and physical self. Such facilities can be quiet areas, social spaces, even cafes and gyms – all places that will become standard in the average office in years to come.
  • Improve connectivity. One of the downsides of having teams of employees working remotely is the varying quality of their internet connectivity. Not only does will an officerefurbishment provide a safe physical space to meet in, but the new technological infrastructure will be far superior to even what the average home office has too. Refurbishing the office now will help to establish a better quality of connectivity; creating the means for reliable communication channels to exist that will aid employees both in the office, and out.
  • Grow a community. As we've spent a great deal of time away from colleagues during the pandemic, many of us have missed those simple human connections. This positive 'sense of community' is often an underappreciated element of office design; it has a major impact on productivity, motivation and wellbeing. Considering this, we should expect the 'office community' to be a key element of a post-COVID workplace.

Innovative office design services, by Oaktree Interiors

Please feel free to browse around our website to learn more about the services we offer, especially our case studies page in which you can view many of the recent projects we've undertaken for a range of different businesses.

To speak to us directly about our office refurbishment in Farnborough service, you can give us a call on 034521 86955 or you can send any e-mail enquiries to hello@oaktreeoffice.com and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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