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It’s no secret that Milton Keynes is a modern town. The area that MK is now comprised of was designated as a ‘New Town’ in 1967, combining the existing small towns and villages into one unitary authority that was designed to expand. Despite its relative age and through its vibrant business community, this new town is constantly striving forwards, not pausing to stand still. For existing businesses, office design in Milton Keynes is set to become a major focus for improvement in the coming years, as thanks to plans for a new university, MK will soon be able to attract the brightest and the best.

The importance of great office design in Milton Keynes

Located around 50 miles from London with great transport links from the south to the north, Milton Keynes is already perfectly located to attract new businesses and employees looking for a ‘less expensive’ home away from, but realistically reachable to, the capital. Add to that, the development of the new university and Milton Keynes will soon be able to attract (and keep) an increasing number of talented people in the town. Something that local business should be primed to take advantage of with great office design in Milton Keynes.

Whilst the growth in the business community is a positive for the town, it does provide extra competition for the businesses who are already plying their trade here. Whilst it’s the quality of the products and services on offer that will be the ultimate deciding factor in a business’s success, it’s getting that opportunity to portray them in the first place that will prove to be an issue in such a competitive environment; something that office design can help with.

It isn’t just clients that need to be attracted to the business, of course, but with a new educational facility planned, a new influx of talented people will be coming to town. The challenge for local businesses is being able to possess the ability to retain these people; providing them with a great working environment is a key step in helping with this.

Quite simply, the workforce of today are judging the quality of their employers, based on the facilities at their disposal. The best talents need to be able to express their abilities in work; if the environment they exist in doesn’t give them the scope to do this, then they aren’t likely to stick around. This will cost the business a team member who could potentially help them to grow and to flourish. Recent articles in the national press have indicated that the around a fifth of the modern workforce already reject employers simply because of the design of their office. This trend will only grow in the coming years and great office design in Milton Keynes will be expected by the next generation of employees. Employees that may well be homegrown in the local area...

The Plans For ‘MK:U’

When the plans were drawn up for the creation of Milton Keynes, it was done so with the idea that the town, through the collection of the existing places and further expansion, would grow into a city. As part of the town’s ‘Making a Great City Greater’ plan, the hope is that MK’s population would grow to at least 400,000 by 2050, making the place the ‘heart of the knowledge-intensive corridor, between Cambridge and Oxford’. One particular light that shines brightly when we talk about those two illustrious South East beacons is that they both have world-class universities. Something that MK are wanting too.

Set to educate around 5,000 science, technology, engineering and maths students, MK:U will be designed as an educational institution for the 21st century, delivering a distinctive undergraduate curriculum in key areas that include digital, cyber, autonomy, robotics and AI. Milton Keynes Council have appointed local education provider, Cranfield University as the lead on the project, with other partners including Grant Thornton LLP, MK College, Microsoft and Tech Mahindra.

Speaking about the project, leader of Milton Keynes Council, Peter Marland said:

Through the MK Futures 2050 process, we identified how a university focused on technology could benefit our economy, especially coming alongside the development of the Cambridge-MK-Oxford corridor which also holds great promise. This will be the first university anywhere designed as a response to the challenges facing cities today and in the future.

MK:U is set to be welcoming its first students by 2023; giving local businesses ample opportunity to tap into this new talent pool.

Take advantage of this growing talent pool, with Oaktree Interiors

If you’re thinking about moving to the local area, or are already here, then the importance of great office design in Milton Keynes cannot be overlooked. With such a competitive business community, the drive to attract the best talents, as well as clients, will become more competitive as time goes on. What’s paramount is that you put in place plans NOW, rather than later. With great office interiors at your disposal, you will not only be in a great position to attract this expected new influx of talented people, but you’ll also be able to inspire your existing workforce too.

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