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The recent Snowmageddon/Beast From The East monikers, to describe the weather in recent weeks, has underlined the need to make offices welcoming places for employees. After battling through difficult weather, through large volumes of traffic or on late-running public transport, a bad start to the working day will probably see that mood carried through into the office. Negative feelings will doubtless affect an employee’s productivity, so it could spell disaster for the business.

If you’re thinking about undertaking an office refurbishment in Hungerford, we’re going to look at why it needs to offer employees a welcoming haven from the outside; somewhere they’d rather be, rather than not.

Why my office refurbishment in Hungerford needs to be welcoming

Aside from improving the mood of your employees, the very people who drive your business forward, improving the design of the office into a more-welcoming environment is vital in attracting and retaining those talented people. A person’s abilities can be better accentuated when they feel they have everything possible available to them to do their work; whether that’s through comfortable and functional furniture, technology, access to meeting rooms, breakout or kitchen areas...there’s much that the modern office can do to create that welcoming environment.

Hungerford, much like the rest of the South East, has seen a growth in its business community over the last few years. This has been helped both by its relative proximity to London, as well as the high rental rates in the capital. The attractive light emitted by this beacon will attract many interested viewers; the South East has all of a sudden become a battleground for competing businesses to attract talented employees, as well as the clients they serve.

A welcoming office refurbishment in Hungerford therefore, will not only help to improve the mood (and the working capabilities) of the employees who work there; it will also help to attract a better pool of talent AND impress clients or any other visitors you need to get on board.

Creating that welcoming office environment

How can that be achieved though? Here are our tips:

  • Ensuring that employees have access to all the tools and assistance they need is an obvious fundamental aspect of any successful business. Imagine if you turn up for work with plenty of great ideas in mind but aren’t able to express them because the tech available simply isn’t fit for purpose? If this is an everyday occurrence, it will grind employees down; their mood and productivity going with them. Feeling like this, it probably won’t be long until they look for opportunities elsewhere to better demonstrate their talents.
  • Making working spaces more comfortable with ergonomics is fast becoming the standard in modern office design: and it’s easy to see why. People come in all different shapes and sizes, everyone has different levels of comfort and some may suffer from mobility issues that require frequent adjustments of their positioning. As such, it renders the rollout of a one-size-fits-all approach to office furniture pointless. Ergonomic furniture can be adjusted to suit everyone; giving them the freedom to work at a comfort level that suits them rather them (potentially risking injury) having to suit the limitations of the furniture.
  • Giving employees ownership over their workspaces is a great way to help them to manage their mood and work/life balance. Much like the weather outside and the traffic and stations they have to get through; a person’s personal life will play into how they feel when they enter the working environment. If they have an assigned workstation, then it’s no surprise that it can feel like a trap when they’re feeling particularly low (even if they’re working on an open plan desk). Allowing them to include personal effects will go some way in helping them to better take ownership of their working areas, perhaps even helping to drive them on in creating great work. What’s more, it will help to portray the office as a having a collaborative, homely feel to any visitors who may view the office.
  • Providing a flexible, versatile working environment should be the cornerstone of any forward-thinking business when it comes to thinking about their office refurbishment in Hungerford. The technology at our disposal today allows us to think outside the traditional cubicle desk set-ups and instead, gives us the scope to shape the design of the office to the working practices of everyone. Employees can choose the working environment that suits them; whether that’s in the busy collaborative environment of an open plan office, or in a more quiet manner, in the comfortable surroundings of a breakout room.
  • The use of accented colours to create company branding (and reflects its ideals) is a great way to establish a unique environment that works to influence feelings and to dictate behaviour inside of the office. Creating a sense of branding gives the business its own identity; something it can show off to prospective clients. Branding can be achieved by using (and combining) sharp colours in wall colourings, furniture, decorations; even using natural elements such as plants, living walls and larger window displays.

High quality office design in Berkshire, London and throughout the South East

If you’re interested in creating a more welcoming environment for employees and clients alike, then why not get in touch with us here at Oaktree Interiors? For over 3 decades, our office design experts have been creating bespoke work environments for a multitude of different businesses; from new start-ups to international corporations and everything else in between.

No matter your requirements, we can guarantee that we are able to deliver a unique office design that will find the balance between being functional and yet inspiring for your employees. Why not get in touch with us to learn more about our no-obligation FREE consultation service? Taking into account your requirements and the spatial issues of your intended building, our talented design team are able to create 3-D representations of how your perfect interiors will look.

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