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What defines an office as a 'great place to work'? Is it somewhere that is purely designed to be a facility that groups people together in a singular uniform environment, or somewhere that offers its people the flexibility and freedom to choose how they work? The decision is a simple one; flexibility and freedom every time.

With an office refurbishment, any business can transform their workplace from a stagnant environment that sees employees having to change how they work, into one that is customisable to them. In short, a refurbishment can help that uniform environment to transform into one that will provide their employees with inspiration, development, a community and an unforgettable brand. The result is a workplace that will find itself better prepared to offer great products/services to its clients.

The benefits of an office refurbishment

If you've been thinking about improving the effectiveness of your office environment on your employees, an office refurbishment will undoubtedly stand it in a better stead in realising the full potential of the building.

Unfortunately, many business owners will tend to avoid improving their office interiors due to the disruption and costs involved. However, many do not realise the benefits that can be gained from a refurbishment, how positive the impact of them can be and how, in the long term, it will actually provide better value and more opportunities to improve its services.

Here are some of the benefits that can be gleaned with an office refurbishment:

  • Improve morale. With most office workers spending upwards of 7 hours a day in the same location, their working existence can be monotonous, even drab and boring if the interiors reflect similar feelings. Walls, rooms and spaces that lack colour, character and excitement play a huge part on an employee’s mood and by extension, their productivity.

    Sometimes, all that’s needed is a fresh coat of paint and imaginative colours to lift the mood in the office. Interiors that have been completely refitted with ergonomic furniture and more flexibly-designed spaces can also make a huge impact on productivity.
  • Better utilisation of space. The prospect of a new office refurbishment presents an opportunity for the business to ‘wipe the slate clean’, seeing where the current layout is failing and what needs to be done to make the right changes.

    Most offices will have areas that are unused; space that is being paid for, but not put to use. With some clever thinking and a bit of creativity applied, you could turn these spaces into facilities that would be of benefit to the business and its employees; such as the creation of a breakout area or meeting room, a tea and coffee point or new storage space. The possibilities are almost endless.
  • Set a positive impression. If you need to host any clients or any other visitors (including prospective employees with great talents to be utilised) setting that great first impression should be of the utmost importance. The initial impression we may form of something affects our judgement of it; often, it may be that first impression that coerces us into making a particular decision.

    This is why reception areas need to have that ‘wow factor’; as the first point-of-contact that anyone has with a business, it needs to portray a positive image, one that speaks to people of how the business operates. If that image portrays dullness, drabness and disorganisation, what does that say to you about the business?

    A reception area that presents a dynamic and visually-impressive image will get your relationship with your visitors off to the best possible start, indicating to them that you’re a professional business who takes its work seriously and as such, are well-worth dealing with.
  • Reinvent the brand of the business. If you feel that your business is stagnating, struggling to make an impression in its industry, an office refurbishment is a great way to reinvent the brand of your business. Summing up the image that the business wants to impress on people, branding works as a great selling tool. Establishing a brand won’t just help to set that great first impression of a dedicated business to visitors, it will also provide employees with a sense of professional pride and value, giving them a great reason to come to work with a smile, wanting to be productive and hardworking.
  • Team restructuring. It may be the case that your current office layout has an issue with team fragmentation; key staff members not being in close proximity to work together, or unable to hot desk. Creating a new layout will ensure that key employees, who may work in different departments, are all able to work closely together, helping to make communication and collaboration easier and more efficient.

Make a great start to 2019, with office refurbishment

If you are interested in learning more about how office refurbishment can help your business to create a better facility for 2019 and beyond, our expert team are on hand offer their industry-leading advice. Give them a call on 345 21 8695 or send an e-mail to hello@oaktreeoffice.com

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