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The big trend at the moment with regards to working trends is ensuring that employees maintain a healthy work-life balance. However, there are fierce debate regarding how to achieve this, could office design and space planning be the solution?

With over three decades of experience operating within the office interiors industry, the Oaktree team is the ideal choice for businesses in need of office refurbishment and fit out services.

Providing A Good Work-Life Balance Through Office Design

Unsure how office design and space planning can help you to provide your employees with a better work-life balance? Consider the following 3 points.

1. A more comfortable workforce will produce better results

The links between employee wellbeing and their productivity are quite significant. It's hardly a secret, in 2012 Google searched for the best way to boost workplace productivity and they discovered that the secret was to be nice to your staff. So make sure that your office design caters to their wellbeing and their needs, not just their role within the company.

With regards to office design and refurbishment, this includes things such as the lighting in the office environment. Whilst it is important to note that you do not want the office space to be too bright, you also do not want the lighting too dim either. Perhaps a useful way to find a good balance is to introduce dimmable lighting, which also has the advantage of giving your employees a sense of control in their workspace. However, don't neglect the importance of comfortable furniture and equipment. After all, your employees need comfortable furniture to sit on, and they need a plethora of office supplies to ensure that they are well equipped for the tasks at hand. For example, if your employees will by typing on keyboards all day, perhaps you could provide a selection of keyboards which are designed to reduce fatigue. Not only will this lessen the impact that typing for long periods of time will have on their hand and fingers, making them feel more comfortable, but as it reduces fatigue, it could have a significant impact on productivity.

2. We live in an age surrounded by information

In our 21st century society, we are surrounded by a vast amount of information, regarding an incomprehensibly diverse assortment of topics. So with such empowering information, it's no wonder that employees have high standards for the environments that they work in. In many ways, job seekers aren't simply looking for a place to work; they're looking for an experience; a company that matches their lifestyle.

With regards to your office layout and facilities, you're not merely in competition with nearby businesses for the best working environment. With employees and job seekers having access to a wide range of information on the internet regarding office design and studies and blogs related to the advantages and benefits of different design and furnishing choices, it's more important than ever to have superb office design. For example, health risks of sedentary jobs have been discussed in blogs, studies, and articles for years now; such as the article by The One Brief titled, "Sitting Vs Smoking: What's The Scale Of The Risk?" As such, it can be especially beneficial to introduce workplace elements such as sit/stand desks as these not only improve the comfort of your employees, but providing them with choice and control over their own comfort could be the boost to workplace motivation they need. After all, using a sit stand desk burns around 87 additional calories a day; over a year that translates to around eight marathon's worth of calories.

3. Provide a working environment, with flexible design at its core

Another key area in which office design can help to provide a healthy work-life balance is through flexible working and the implementation of office spaces designed with flexible working in mind. Flexible workspaces are much more inclusive working environments, they provide help and support to people throughout both their work and life issues. A flexible workspace could be converted to meet the needs of the people who are using it, when they are using it. This not only provides for their workplace needs, but it accounts for their needs during their personal lives. For example, returning parents can benefit greatly from flexible working as they can adjust their work hours to times whilst their child/children are at school. Additionally, it can also be very useful for people suffering from physical or mental health issues, as the flexibility allows them to keep working in an area they feel more comfortable in with easier access to support.

According to the International Workplace Group, flexible working is considered a deal breaker for many in the recruitment stage. In fact, not only did over half of respondents in research say that having a choice of work location is more important than the prestige of the company they are working for, “research shows that 83% of workers around the world would turn down a job that didn't offer flexible working".

Office refurbishment services from the Oaktree Interiors team

The team of office interior professionals at Oaktree Interiors have 30 years of industry experience; we strongly believe that a practical, well designed and an aesthetically pleasing office is all you need to keep your workforce comfortable and productive.

We have no 'house style' at Oaktree Interiors. As such, every proposal we make is created to meet the unique needs of the client; we have a proven track record of creating bespoke, functional workplaces that make a big impact on the working practices of staff. In fact, many of our clients return to us to help with additional projects.

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