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Are you looking to improve your office design in Bristol to harness the talents of your employees, raise their productivity and heighten their in-work experiences? Perhaps you need stimulating branding to impress your clients? Whatever the reason, the team here at Oaktree Interiors can help you to create your ideal office fit out.

But don't just take our word for it.

One of our most recent clients, Robert Half International, has recently moved into an Oaktree-designed office in the vibrant business community of Whitefriars. Designed to increase productivity by offering additional comfort to staff, as well as to make an impression upon visitors with aesthetics that communicate the company's ethics, the finished product has gone down brilliantly with the company and everyone who works there.

As described by senior staff, the new office has “already had a hugely positive impact on our [Robert Half's] culture. Collaborative, innovative, agile, flexible, and fun". As such, the company is using it to attract new, talented employees through social media; promotion is another, often overlooked, benefit of creating a new office fit out.

Robert Half's new office design in Bristol

This office design was the second such project we undertook for the company; in 2017, we refurbished an office for their Reading operation, which was so well received, it led to the repeat business for their location in Bristol.

Speaking of which, Robert Half long considered a refit of their original Bristol office; aside from the benefits to be gained in productivity, employee comfort and positive client impressions, the need to expand was also a factor in their thinking. When another floor became vacant in the same building, they contacted us to weigh up their options on whether a move to a larger space would be viable in the long-term.

As both spaces differed in size, we presented numerous space plans and budget fit-out proposals to help them to make the best-informed decision. Through these, as well as our additional expert advice, they chose to go ahead with the move to the new floor.

Closely matching the aesthetics of the office in Reading, Robert Half's new office design in Bristol consists of over 5,100 sqft of open, collaborative and private working spaces, catering for 60 staff members, with room for plenty more. Other aspects of our office design plan included:

  • The creation of new meeting,interview and training rooms.
  • A new boardroom, breakout area and an IT server room.
  • A complete installation of new office furniture, along with a new ceiling grid/tiles, LED lighting and AC adjustments.

On completion, Robert Half quickly settled into their new space and commented on how their working processes were made somewhat easier. On posting about their new office, senior staff received a plethora of positive feedback with 'fantastic'and 'wow' being common expressions –'jealous' was a word that was mentioned a lot too! But you shouldn't be jealous, as you too can realise your ideal office fit out by working with us.

So, how could I benefit from a bespoke office design?

By working with our experienced office designers and fitters, you can create an office environment that is shaped around how your company (including the people who work there) want to work, rather than you all having to change how you work around the limitations of the office.

Just some of the many benefits that can be gained from a bespoke office design in Bristol include:

  • Productivity increase. As the main reason many companies choose to refine their office interiors, productivity (as well as the quality of work) can be heightened; a vital factor in the ongoing success of the business.

If we work in an environment that is uncomfortable, demoralising and frankly, dull, then it will create those same feelings inside of us. Is the workplace equipped with all of the facilities and tools needed to help employees to complete their best work? If not, it shouldn't be a surprise that the rate and quality of work isn't as high as it probably should be (as well as the employees growing increasing frustrated).

By allowing a professional office design company to reimagine your working areas, you will be giving your employees the best environment in which they can feel equipped, empowered and inspired as they go about creating their work.

  • Provide visitors (and employees) with an insight into your philosophies and branding. If hosting clients is a part of your work, then being able to present yourself as per the advertising materials that got them interested in speaking to you in the first place, is vital. By employing professional office fitters, you can bestow the identity of your company throughout the office design; relaying positive thoughts and feelings to your visitors, as well as to your employees – presenting the ultimate professional image through a unique set-up.
  • Make better use of your space. If are location isn't for you, then a new office fit out could be used to make better use of the available space in your current office. It's a (sad) fact that too many businesses are paying for space that they do not use – why? By using modern office design techniques, an office fit out firm can work with you to plan out every single square yard of the space you're renting, ensuring that most (if not all) is being used for a function that is of benefit to the business. Unused space can be repurposed for something else; be it extra working space, a breakout area, a kitchen, storage...anything you like.

Why not get in touch with our office design team to learn even more about how you could benefit?

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