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Providing freelancers, start-ups and small firms with the opportunity to rent a desk or small office space, the number of co-working offices are quickly growing throughout the UK. Aside from just providing an economical space for enterprisers, one of the core fundamentals behind a co-working office fit out is to encourage interaction between different people/businesses; creating an in-house community that can support one another in each other's work.

If you're interested in harnessing the benefits of a co-working space; whether you want to set one up for your clients or if you want to bestow the 'co-working style' on the different departments within the same business; how can you find the perfect building that is best suited to co-working?

Finding the right building for your co-working office fit out

Discover the right location

As you're searching for the right location to set up a co-working hub, it's important to think of the requirements of the people who will occupy the space. The location you choose (and the immediate area around it) could potentially be the home of your business for many years; so finding a building in an area that is easy to get to and offers plentiful amenities will help to cater for everyone who'll work there. Get this right,and they'll likely want to stay for many years too.

As you look at potential locations, take a look at the area's...

  • Transport links (access to motorways,roads, train, tram, underground and bus links. Also think about access to cycle paths and parking spaces/facilities too).
  • Cafes, restaurants and bars.
  • Banks.
  • Parks/natural areas.
  • Health, beauty and fitness services.
  • Supermarkets and shopping facilities.

Examine the building's utilities

The building will need to be able to accommodate enough people for you to garner a good return on your investment;so you need to ensure that it's capable of supporting the number you intend to reach. To do this, start with the services the building offers, such as the number of WC's, ventilation and the fire escape plan; these are essential for achieving maximum occupancy in a comfortable and safe manner.

Whilst examining them, ask yourself these key questions:

  • How does the number of toilets correspond to the intended headcount of the office?
  • Is every angle of the office fit out properly ventilated with heating and cooling systems?
  • Does the fire escape plan allow for the number of intended people to exit the building swiftly and safely?

Think about the design and layout

As you're going around different buildings,viewing them for their suitability, think about your ideal design and how it might work as an office fit out in each of the spaces you're viewing. Think about how you can make efficient use of the space and what kind of atmosphere you want to promote. A great office design hints at your businesses' branding whilst still offering flexibility for people to place their preferences on the workstations they're operating from.

The best course of action to take when faced with such questions is always to take expert advice. Not only can a professional office design company use their experience and industry knowledge to successfully identify which of your intended locations will be best suited to your requirements, but they can also conceive ways and means for you to get even more out of your ideal space than you initially planned.

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Our case studies section details some of the recent work we have performed; highlighting the different types of firms we have served and detailing how we met their specific needs. Some of our clients even return to us for repeat work, such is the impact that our work has. So, no matter the requirements that your people and work dictate, we can deliver a workspace that will provide the platform for your business to catch the train to success.

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