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When the time comes to think about improving your office interiors in Oxford, you may come to the conclusion that in order to realise your perfect set-up, you will need to relocate. Whether you want to make room for expansion, to downsize, take advantage of a more favourable location, even to benefit from a better rental rate; there are many good reasons that would make a relocation worthwhile.

But there’s more to relocation than just choosing the right-sized office, in a good location with a great-value rent. In this blog, we’re going to look closer at how you can transfer your business to a new location, taking the elements that work in your current office space and shaping them alongside those aspects that you’re looking to add with your new office design.

Looking to relocate your office interiors in Oxford? Here’s some things to think about first

Here are some questions to ponder when thinking about your moving to new office interiors in Oxford:

  • What do you like about your current office space? The circumstances as to why people may be seeking an office relocation could be plentiful; the setup may already be ideal, but just doesn’t have the space required to lay the foundations for future, ongoing success. On the other hand, the setup may be totally unsuitable, with poor facilities that are a drain on the budget of the business. By understanding what you and your employees enjoy (or not, as the case may be) about the current office interiors will create a solid foundation stone with which to start the building process of your new environment.
  • What does your business need? Aside from thinking about which aspects of your current office design that you’d like to transfer to your new interiors, understanding exactly what your business needs to grow and be a success is vital. Consider the spatial aspects of the office; do you need additional space now or potentially in the future? Do you want to encourage collaboration or go for a more private office (or both)? What technology installations or specialised facilities do you need? What about meeting rooms, kitchens and breakout areas?
  • Is your office flexible enough? Modern office design has moved away from rigid structures and instead, embraced the need to be flexible with its furniture and space. This type of design has no doubt been influenced by technology becoming increasingly flexible within the last decade or two; we don’t need to sit still at the same desks anymore and hold team meetings in ultra-professional boardrooms. The technology we use can be moved from desk-to-desk and shaped to how we would like to use it, not having to change how we work to suit its limitations. The same should go for the office design; by including flexible furnishings and moveable partitions in your new office interiors in Oxford, you can make better use of the space available, help to meet your employees’ flexible working needs and still cater for any future expansions or change of layout.
  • Open or Private? (Or Both?) Open office design is prevalent in today’s business world; it sees the barriers removed from working areas to allow people to work alongside each other, sharing ideas without literally feeling fenced in. Such a design strategy fosters creativity and allows for an improved level of communication; undoubtedly fostering genuine working relationships that will be reflected in the work that is produced. However, some businesses and their employees prefer their working areas to be more private, to give them space to concentrate on the tasks at hand. But what if you require both? Going back to the previous question; flexible office design is the answer. By creating an office design with partitioning that can be quickly and easily reshaped, or even one that has room to create private and collaborative spaces, a good balance can be struck, helping employees to find an environment within the workplace that suits their needs.
  • What about your brand identity? Creating a brand identity through office design will give the business a great opportunity to relay its values, as well as provide an inspiring environment for its employees. Not just that, but it will also inform any clients who may visit your office, of the standards that you hold; first impressions make all the difference. Think about the feelings that you wish to evoke in your office; what colours and types of furnishings/fabrics reflect the personality of your business.
  • How can you use your budget to achieve what you need? When it comes to making an investment in a project, just throwing money at it doesn’t guarantee any degree of success; it’s the way that it’s spent is important. Finding that cost-effective balance is key and this can only be achieved by understanding exactly what your new office interiors in Oxford Think about how you can put in place everything you need to in order balance with the budget you have available; this is something that a professional office design company can advise on.

Improve your office design with Oaktree Interiors

If you're looking to answer all of these questions in order to improve your office interiors in Oxford, then allow Oaktree Interiors to help. We are a vastly experienced office design company with a wide and varied experienced of carrying out relocation and refurbishment work for a multitude of different companies; from new start-ups to large international corporations and everything else in between. Please have a look around our website, especially our case studies section, to learn more about our service, our company and the work we've previously carried out.

If you would like more information on how we can help to create the ideal office environment for you, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with our office design experts today. Call us on 0345 21 86955 or alternatively, you can send an e-mail to us at hello@oaktreeoffice.com

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