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Organisation and teamwork beats individual talent. Those were the words of Barcelona and Argentina forward Lionel Messi in 2016. Sadly, his national team didn’t quite get the memo last week as they bowed out of the 2018 World Cup after a disappointing but nevertheless, brave defeat against standout favourites, France.

It’s interesting to note Messi’s words though; as one of the best footballers of all time, he’s (quite rightly) heralded for his individual brilliance. However, he realises that he wouldn’t have achieved what he has done without his teammates.

As providers of office interior services here at Oaktree Interiors, this sensibility is at the heart of the workplaces we design; we believe that catering for teamwork (as well as individual talent) will ultimately help to create a successful team that will drive the company on to achieve great things.

Office interior services: Helping to create a great team

As we write this, we’re very much at the business end of a World Cup which has thrown up a few shocks. Defending champions Germany exited at the group stage, much-fancied Spain were beaten on penalties by hosts Russia and the England team are winning games (as well as the hearts and minds of a nation that is growing to love their team again after a disappointing few years).

This unpredictably is what makes knockout football a joy to watch; it doesn’t matter which team has the best individuals, on the day of the game if the so-called best team isn’t organised well, then it will struggle against one that is well-organised. Teamwork is about collectivity, not individuality. If the organised team sticks to their game plan, utilising the skills of everyone present to create a collective force, they can potentially overcome great odds and seal a victory. This will create moments that will last a lifetime for those watching and even place a sense of belief in individuals that they can be successful if they work as part of a team.

In terms of our workplaces, the ability to create a well-functioning team is reliant on the facilities at our disposal. An office space that is shaped towards the working practices of individuals will help to strengthen the chain that binds them together, creating a team that pulls in the same direction. This is why many forward-thinking businesses use office interior services to create the ideal environment that will help the team to carry out their game plan to the letter.

How to create a winning team

Continuing our theme, here are our tips on creating that winning team (applicable to both office interior services and football!):

  • The importance of a plan can never be underestimated. If a team has limited options, it will need to create a plan of how best they can utilise their collective skills, and stick to it. In fact, sticking to a plan is so often the most difficult aspect of carrying one out; sometimes it may feel like things aren’t going well and that the plan is not sound. What’s important is that each member of the team believes in what they’re doing, so even if they do meet with some adversity they stick to the framework and don’t deviate in a new direction that will weaken that chain.
  • Know your role, and your limitations. When you hear about formations and tactics football teams employ, you rarely hear about the individual roles that players have in a team. A ‘striker’ is a generic term; there’s a big difference between being a ‘target man’ and a ‘number nine’, yet they’re grouped together. These are roles in the team; roles defined by the player’s strengths and abilities. The roles they play are stitched together with the individual roles of their teammates to create the collective balance needed to carry out the tactical plan of how they want to win the game.
  • A great team makes the most of their opportunities. Like the ball on a football pitch, the business world moves fast. It may be the case that a company will experience much competition in its industry, meaning that opportunities will be increasingly difficult to come across. This is why, through office interior services, it’s important to be able to establish a hardworking team that can take those opportunities when they’re presented, otherwise the other team will take the ball, run away and smash it in the back of the net.
  • Working for each other is a key part of teamwork. You all want to achieve the same goal, so isn’t it better to combine skills in order to get more done, quicker and in better quality?
  • Every successful team has a great leader. Leading isn’t just about doling out instructions and telling people what to do and when; a great leader must inspire confidence, trust and make the right calls when required. Otherwise, how will the rest of the team believe and trust in the collective plan that has been presented to them?
  • Approaching our work with passion is the ultimate goal for many of us. Imagine turning up to work all excited and ready to ‘attack the day’. This should happen for us all of the time but for one reason or another, it doesn’t. Whether it’s because of disorganisation, a difficult atmosphere or poor facilities, many workplaces don’t exactly inspire passion.

    Passion will be beautifully illustrated after the World Cup final, as win or lose, players will be crying. Crying because this is their passion, the ultimate zenith of their profession. People like to constantly point out the amount of money that footballers earn as their motivation but like most jobs out there, we do not do them simply because of the money. We want to feel comfortable in work, we want to be able to make a difference, we want to be successful and we want to be passionate (and after all of that, the money would be nice too!) Did you know that office interior services can help with all of this?

Create your winning team, with Oaktree Interiors

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