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Choosing the right type of office design for your business

Technology Companies

By their very nature, technology companies will already be aware that having first-rate software and hardware is a must in their office environment; but how can the layout of the workplace be arranged to help with performance?

As with other industries, tech firms can benefit from the creation of agile work areas for collaboration, however independent working facilities may be needed more in this sector than the others.

The introduction of private booths, pods or benches with shared computers (or the use of Wi-Fi, which will allow workers the flexibility to move around) will allow for independent and quiet working.These types of spaces can fit in perfectly, next to the more collaborative areas, with their bustling breakout areas and teapoints.

With the tech industry being ultra-competitive for the industry's best talents, forward-thinking companies will place their office design focus on employee experiences. This is why it's important to include-up-to-date,quirky social spaces and areas for relaxation. Whether it's a comfy break room with a teapoint, a games room with table tennis, pool table and dartboard or even a bar with a television; any such facility will help to create a more social experience, winning over the current (and future) generation of talent.

Legal and Finance Firms

For many years, the 'basic office layout'was considered by many to consist of cubicles and boxes that shut off individuals from one another. Requiring much concentration, it is no surprise that the legal and finance industries employed this type of office design. Today though, open plan layouts are now considered the basic layout, as they break down the walls that divide people from one another, shutting down what many considered a monotonous existence. Not only do they break down the physical barriers between people but also the mental divide between different departments and seniority too. People in open offices are more likely to feel like they're able to approach and work with others.

Shared desk spaces are becoming increasingly accessible to large numbers of people in these institutions,thanks to the influx of agile working. Booking systems for desks are also becoming popular, as they allow for people to move around the office, working with who(and what) they need to during that day. This also encourages different departments to cross-pollinate; the busy bees working together to create great work, and boosting the social aspect of the office too. Great socialising will only lead to a better in-work atmosphere.

Finance and law firms are naturally centred around their clients and so they will need a space that is able to represent the business, its philosophies and branding, creating a positive first impression. Having striking client-facing areas is therefore a must in order to attract and retain business; reception areas, meeting rooms and waiting spaces will need to provide a favourable impact, summing up the professionalism of the company. The added effect of company branding will provide any visitors with a unique experience of the firm, making them stand out in their mind.

Creative and Co-Working Businesses

The nature of a creative business means that collaboration spaces are a must – the same goes for any co-working spaces too. The only difference between a creative and co-working space is that the latter will need to be adaptable to accommodate for any business type, whereas the creative space is shaped around the particular industry it serves.Nevertheless, both will need a degree of flexibility to cater for the different working styles of employees.

A great way to foster creativity and free-thinking is by creating sensory spaces that employees respond naturally with. An office design that can ensure the right combination (and variety) of natural light, colour and Biophilia will help to create a welcoming space that grounds the thoughts and feelings of people, meaning they are far more relaxed when approaching their work.

Looking to improve the effectiveness of your office interiors? Allow our experts to help

If you're interested in reshaping your office interiors or moving to new ones entirely, the experienced office design and fit out team here at Oaktree can help you to realise your own bespoke workplace.

Having been creating such office designs throughout the south east of England for the best part of three decades now, we have gained a unique insight and knowledge of many different workplace design trends. Styles that not only relate to the working practices of individual employees but also help the business to better make use of the space, making it more cost-effective to operate.

Please feel free to take a look at our case study section,in which we showcase the many bespoke designs we have carried out in similar industries to the ones mentioned above.

To learn more about how we can help you to create your ideal office design, including information on how you can take advantage of our completely FREE, no-obligation consultation, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0345 21 86955.Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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