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No matter where we turn today, what we interact with, what we even talk about – technology will somehow be involved.We're living in the digital age, so innovation is everywhere, bringing with it new technologies, ideas and techniques to our daily lives; nowhere as much as the workplace!

So with smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PC's making our daily tasks easier, it isn't really a surprise that tech has had a massive influence over office interior design in London. In this blog, we're going to delve into a few ways in which technological advancements have transformed the interiors of our office fit outs.

How tech is changing office interior design in London

Where the work takes place

The ways in which employees work are experiencing a huge shift. Gone are the ties to assigned desks and cubicles and instead, agile working helps to promote the concept that work can happen anywhere. This opens up the layout of the office to be better designed around the needs of the business and those who work within it; the need to collaborate, work in confinement or have a laugh and team build with your fellows, all can be included in such a design.

We are starting to see more forward-thinking businesses adopt a more mobile workforce too; whether that means working from home or working in the aforementioned open, collaborative space. Modern technology allows for this – so why stick with old-fashioned layouts and designs?

Increase in screens

Of course, the increase in tech's influence in our office interior design in London means that the visibility of tech itself will also increase!

As more people use digital tools on a daily basis, it has undoubtedly encouraged and increased collaboration, creating a better understanding between co-workers, partners and clients. There is a more prominent need for smart televisions to communicate, interactive whiteboards to promote and to share ideas, and high-speed internet connections to give everyone the means to send information quickly and easily.

More greenery

You can be forgiven in thinking that with tech not only changing the ways our offices work, how they are laid out, as well as tech being increasingly visible, that the prospect of 'nature' would be difficult to come by in a modern office. In fact, the opposite is true;greenery is very much on the increase thanks to the growth of tech.

As our lives have been increasingly taken over by tech, the need for a connection with nature has come more into focus.As humans, we are designed to exist in nature and with technology creating a virtual world around us, it has made clearer, our need to experience natural elements.

Biophilic design sees more natural elements incorporated into the design of an interior, in order to strengthen this innate connection we have with nature. By the adoption of living plants, an improved HVAC system and LED lighting, a biophilic designed-office will help to reduce stress, increase productivity, reduce sickness and absence, boost creativity, cleanse the air and reduce noise. Not only that, but Biophilia will also see the business take a renewable approach to their energy usage; helping the environment and saving the business money too!

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