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The way in which we work has evolved immensely over the last two decades. We now invest more money in technology as well as time, sitting infront of it. Deadlines are increasingly urgent and our hours spent in the office need to vary.

This is 'the new normal', so the quality of environments that we work in, take on higher importance; we want to feel catered for,comfortable and inspired. By undertaking an office refurbishment in London that supports its culture and styles, a business will be inspiring creativity and innovation within their employees.

A recent design trend that many businesses have picked up on in order to create such spaces, is Scandinavian design. Taking its lead from how interiors are designed in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, Scandinavian design is known for its minimalist colour palettes, cosy accents and striking modern furniture. This is all designed to evoke a more natural feel within the office, which has been recognised as having a huge bearing on the health and wellness of employees.

Why is it important for health and wellness to be at the centre of office refurbishment in London?

When we think about our day at work, what do we interact with? Most of us commute either by car, train or bus, then we're in the office all day. We may pop out for lunch or we've got some with us, so we eat it there. Then we get back to work and then back onto the commute and home. How many opportunities will we have to interact with anything 'natural' during that time?

Biophiliais a theory that says that we are living in a world that is growing increasingly extrinsic; it is cutting us off from reality and places us in one that isn't of benefit to us (at least health-wise). Being natural creatures ourselves, we are designed to live in an environment that is natural, so it isn't too much of a stretch to say that when we spend long periods of time outside of nature, we will experience negative feelings.

As a result of negativity infecting our being, our performance and even our mental and physical health will not be hitting the heights they should be doing. This is something that forward-thinking office design companies have recognised and why businesses should be placing biophilic design at the heart of their office refurbishment in London.

The five factors of Scandinavian design

With nature being a big factor in Scandinavian design,picking up on this trend is a great way to include Biophilia within the office.

Here are the five factors that make up Scandinavian design:

  • Organic floors. One of the key themes that runs through this design method is the appreciation of the inherent beauty of natural materials. The use of exposed floorboards made out of pine(softwood) or oak (hardwood) is extremely popular in allowing an increased natural feel to infiltrate the immediate environment. They can either be finished with a natural varnish or painted in a neutral colour. The placement of a few rugs will help to insulate rooms on colder days, as well as work as decorative centrepieces.
  • Lighting set-ups.The lighting is one of the most important factors to get right with any themed office refurbishment in London; you don't want to be left in the dark, after all! It won't matter how beautiful your furniture and interiors looks, if the lighting casts unpleasant shadows upon them or proves to be distracting, it won't help to create a comfortable environment for those present. With the Scandinavian countries experiencing much daylight in the summer, they use it to their advantage, by increasing opportunities for natural light to shine in their dwellings.

With office design in mind, big window displays will shepherd in more light from the outside, with blinds being able to control/stop light from being distracting. For the winter months, using LED lighting is much better suited at mimicking the light levels of natural sunlight – fluorescent lighting is less adaptable and as a result, potentially harmful towards health.

  • The use of neutral colours. The device that is the anchor of Scandinavian office design is the neutral colour palette; consisting of browns, greys, blacks and whites. This doesn't mean that office designers should be stuck with using them;they can be mixed up with more vibrant colours to create the unique look the business needs for its office refurbishment in London. Painting walls white provides an unobtrusive'picture frame'; for the room, drawing focus to aspects that the business wants to stand out, such as any textile patterns, furniture or works of art. The layering of colour is also another staple; using different shades of the same colour to add an increased depth and warmth to the room, without it providing a distraction.
  • Ornamental pieces.Whilst Scandinavian design is described as 'minimalist' it shouldn't be placed in the same bracket as what we know as 'Minimalist Design'. One of the reasons is because Scandinavian design employs a fair amount of embellishments in a room. Whether it's mirrors and pictures that are hung up,to ornaments and houseplants that are placed on mantles or table surfaces. It is done to show that everything that is placed there has been done so deliberately; ever been in an art gallery? You'll notice (or won't notice) that the walls behind the pieces of art are all of the same colour, making the art stand out, intensifying its effect.
  • Furnishings and textiles. There's a reason why Scandinavian furniture manufacturers,such as IKEA, do big business (no, not just because of their food!); the items they sell evoke the beautiful, minimalist, natural feelings alongside that of cold-hard functionality, making them perfect for an office refurbishment in London! Scandinavian furniture is famed for not only comfort but also their ability to help users to cut down on the amount of clutter that they have to deal with, with extra compartments to store things included.

As for materials, real-wood topped desks will give the user a warm and tactile surface to work from and for those areas of the office design that are dedicated to offering increased levels of comfort, a modernist sofa will also add character to the room. Adding a few cushions and blankets will top off a snug-looking area.

So those are five factors of Scandinavianoffice design. If you're looking to improve the effectiveness of your officeinteriors, why not consider an officerefurbishment in London from Oaktree Interiors?

Bespoke office design from Oaktree Interiors

Throughout the past three decades, the Oaktree team have been creating office refurbishment solutions for a wide range of business types. Whether they're a relatively new start-up, hoping to make their mark in their particular industry or a big business that may need extra luxury to impress its clients from around the world, we have a proven track record of creating bespoke office environments for all of our clients.

As part of our officere furbishment in London service, we are able to offer a completely FREE,no-obligation consultancy service that understands all of the requirements before creating mock-up 2-D and 3-D designs of what the clients' ideal office looks like, without them spending anything

So if you're interested in learning more about how you can improve your office design, why not get in touch with our expert workplace design team today? Give us a call 034521 86955. Alternatively, you can send any e-mail enquiries to hello@oaktreeoffice.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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