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In every type of business, it can go without saying that fine margins often dictate the degree of success that individual firms experience. Whilst it's essentially the work that's produced that is the marker of how good a company is; how is it able to produce such quality, or even get the opportunities to produce it, in the first place?

It all starts with a focus office design. In their search for a service, a client requires the assurance that they will be dealt with professionally, by a firm that can display its expertise. Moreover, to let their talents create the best work possible, employees will be seeking a working environment that simultaneously makes them feel comfortable, equipped, happy – yet challenged.

The need to focus the design of the office to the requirements of clients and employees is the driving factor behind many firms looking at refreshing and uplifting their current workplace interiors; making them the best they can be, so they can be the best they can be.

Here, we've put together some great reasons why any business should consider refreshing their office design.

Why focus office design should be instigated

Reflects company culture and brand identity more closely

The importance of setting a good first impression with the space that represents a business cannot be stressed enough. Put simply, a carefully thought-out office refurbishment that reflects the philosophy of the company (telling people about its levels of professionalism) will create a unique, lasting impression.

Inspires clients and employees

A well-defined, attractive workplace that can communicate its beliefs (and how it can possibly be of benefit to those present within it) will give clients the confidence that the business can be trusted to deliver, as well as ensure employees that they can enjoy and feel engaged with their work. The health and happiness of employees should be of the utmost importance when considering a focus office design,as its good morale that creates a positive working environment, packed with friendly faces working hard for each other and the company they're all a part of.

Attracts the best talents

As more people than ever before are judging the places in which they work based on the environment on offer, being able to inspire employees should be at the forefront of any focus office design. This is why much thought is placed into aspects such as the layout of the office, the colours used on the walls, the furniture, facilities like breakout rooms and even art installations and greenery. By gearing the office design towards the needs of employees, an 'employee-first' view of the business will be created; perfect if the intention is to win the employment of talented people that can drive the firm forwards, overtaking competitors.

Focuses on flexibility

With innovations such as wireless internet connections having a major impact on how we work, it's no real surprise to see the nature of office design become increasingly flexible. No longer does a business need to decide to have either an open office layout or a booth set-up; they can have both (and much more besides). Instead of existing at the same desk each day, an employee can choose the areas and places in which they are able to work – as a result, the layout of the office can be zoned to reflect the different working styles, optimising the space for comfort, practicality and productivity.

Caters for modern office trends and innovations

As communication in the office can be so diverse, people will require the means to interact within a culture that encourages the formation of ideas. By improving the design of the office, a business will be able to implement flexible spaces that can be transformed into adhoc facilities, private working areas or even idea-sharing centres when needs be. Not only that, but by evaluating the existing space, concessions can be made on how best to implement technology throughout the space; not just for now, but for the future too.

Oaktree Interiors: Leading office interior design in the UK

Here Oaktree Interiors, we are a vastly experienced office design and build company, having carried out hundreds of fit out, refurbishment and relocation projects across London and the South East of England.

As a result of our innovative approach, we have established a leading service that has helped many different types and sizes of businesses to better utilise their offices. If you've been thinking about improving your office interiors for the future, feel free to get in touch with us or see our case studies page to see the many examples of bespoke work we have carried out for our myriad of clients.

To learn more about how we can help with your focus office design, give us a call today on 0345 21 86955 or send any e-mail enquiries to hello@oaktreeoffice.com and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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