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With the influence of the internet expanding the job market,making it easy for people and firms to connect, the ability to retain talented workers is as important to a business as ever before. This task is made harder if you're located in such a big job market as the one in London; some businesses are able to retain employees longer than others, whilst others struggle to build a stable workforce that can pull the company forwards. So why is this the case?

It's quickly becoming apparent that those firms who improve their workspaces with office refurbishment in London are standing the best chance of keeping their teams together, developing and progressing their talents, and in turn, the fortunes of the business.

Here, we're going to take a look at why an increasing number of businesses in the area are improving their workplaces, as well as the key aspects that will be at the heart of a successful office environment for 2020 and beyond.

It should go without saying that having a business in London is like possessing a double-edged sword; whilst its prestigious location with a massive, worldwide marketplace can attract great talents and an abundance of business, attaining these things will be ultra-competitive, owing to it being a massive, worldwide marketplace!

This sees the best firms look at every aspect of their operation; how they can smooth out all of the fine margins to look like an attractive proposition to people and business. In terms of employees, it's an obvious point to make that the best people will be attracted by the amount of pay or any additional incentives; whilst that's largely true, it isn't always the monetary aspect that is the key driver in them creating great work. The quality of their work environment is; this is where office refurbishment in London can help.

When thought about, giving employees a great environment to work in makes absolute sense; as they have to be present in the same workplace for the majority of their week, being able to feel comfortable, equipped and inspired is vital in them producing great work. When they feel able to perform at their best, they'll feel content. When they feel content that they're able to perform at their best, they will likely feel more connected to the business and will continue to strive to see it succeed. Therefore, they will likely stick around for longer.

To augment this point, a survey carried out last year by a leading co working provider revealed that Millennials (the age group of c.23-38 year-olds) are more LIKELY to choose the firm they work for based on the quality of its office design, over any other incentives. The survey also showed:

  • That one-fifth of workers REJECTED roles because of the poor appearance of an office.
  • Almost half deemed co-working as the ideal way to connect with people, improving their level of work in turn.
  • That nearly 1-in-3 workers find the design of their current workspaces to be uninspiring and boring, with one-fifth of that number also saying that it made them feel stressed.

So what are the key aspects of an office design that provides comfort, functionality and inspiration to a generation of employees? Let's delve into them.

The key aspects of a modern workplace

  • The 'culture' of the company.

No matter the size or type of company, each workplace will have its own 'culture' that can make the place either a joy to work in or along-hard daily slog. Company culture is what makes a business unique and authentic; it is the DNA of the business, a system of values that people recognise when they make decisions. Having a positive culture will make a big impact because employees will doubtless face having to make choices that are outside of their usual purview; both when they liaise with customers and engage with their colleagues.

Having a defined culture will dictate just about everything in the workplace; from communication to making decisions, to people enjoying what they're doing as part of a team. The design of the office should be used to transfer the company culture to them.

  • Personal development.

Offering training and development is a clear signal to employees that the business believes in them, cares about honing their talents and is prepared to invest in their future. This approach is more likely to make individuals feel attached to the company and want to stay for the long-term; so having facilities given over for training and personal improvement should be included in any office refurbishment in London that harbours hopes of boosting staff retention.

  • Flexibility in design.

Any workplace that is looking to implement a flexible working pattern to allow employees the option of choosing how and when they work must have an office fit out that caters for that. The concept of 'we work in an office' is being replaced with[our] 'workplace is a meeting point'; the workplace itself is no longer a singular work space, it is made from several different workspaces,designed to serve the different needs of the employees and the business they work for.

Creating a flexible workplace that places agile working at its heart will give employees more autonomy over how and where they work; this freedom of choice will keep them happy and productive, thus more likely to create an innate feeling of 'job satisfaction' in their role.

  • An inviting workplace.

All the best teams will have personality and charisma; they need a workplace that articulates this. The office should be somewhere they want to be, to learn, celebrate success or just to build rapport with colleagues. This is why, during any office refurbishment in London, a business must find a balance with its flexible workspaces; from the open working areas to collaboration spaces, social facilities to meeting rooms – each business will have their own requirements in regards to how all of these things are set-up, fitted out and decorated.

The best office designs are unique to the company and the people who work there; this is ultimately what will prove to be inviting for people, inspiring them to arrive at work each day willing to give their best.

So those were the key aspects that can help a business to create an office environment geared towards employee retention. If you're interested in making an improvement to your current workspace(s) to give your employees everything they need to place their own customisation on their working day, why not consider the expert advice from us here at Oaktree?

Innovative office design by Oaktree Interiors

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